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Disappearing Mail!

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Hi all,

Is anyone else having a problem with messages disappearing this morning?

This morning after I had checked Spamcop with my IMAP account in Windows Live Desktop Mail, I went to the webmail interface, and I saw that there were three messages there that I had not seen in my IMAP mailbox. Those three messages had lines through them as though I had deleted but not purged them. I didn't know how to undelete them in the webmail interface, and I hadn't been able to see them in the IMAP mailbox to undelete them. So I logged out of webmail, went back to Windows Live Desktop Mail, and tried synchronizing my mailbox again. But they still didn't show up, and when I went back to the webmail interface, they were gone.

In the meantime, I had downloaded two more emails in my IMAP mailbox, but they had also disappeared, both from the webmail interface and from the IMAP mailbox! I hadn't had a chance to read one of them!

At first I thought the problem was with Windows Live Desktop Mail since it is just out of Beta. So I closed it down and set my IMAP account up in Outlook 2003, which I've used for a very long time with no problems. But just now I had ANOTHER email to disappear after Outlook synchronized my IMAP folder! It did the same thing -- after it synchronized the folder, the message had a line through it, like it had been deleted but not purged. I managed to copy it to another folder before it got purged this time.

But now I'm afraid of losing more mail! HELP!!

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