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Hotmail blocking mail


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Hotmail seems to have fixed its long-standing problem with their X-Originating-IP: line not working properly (well, it's working in the last mail I just sent from my Hotmail account to my regular-provider account). The problem was supposedly "an artifact of some new load-balancing equipment" - Hotmail goes anonymous?, April 2007. MSN's FAQs again refer to that X-line as an identifier of a genuine Hotmail message - Contacting Hotmail, (internally) date-stamped December 7 2007. Pure conjecture but, like nailing jelly to a tree, maybe not all the load balancing issues are fixed, maybe they're now "just" losing (I wouldn't know) or mislabling (haven't seen any) goodmail in some quantity. It all traces back to the sheer volume of spam these days (95% of total messaging, some say, inevitably meaning salients far greater than that some times, some places). For all that, I find Hotmail a useful service for those occasional times when the office mail system goes off-air or to test that my (home) regular service isn't blocking quite everything sent from or to my account. And for signing up for stuff, (some) larting and the like.

No information, just musing.

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