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[Resolved] Lost address book in Webmail

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I had two address books in the webmail: Contacts, which was full of contacts, and Personal Address Book, which was empty. I don't know where the Personal Address Book came from.

Every time I added a new contact it would ask me which address book to put it in, so I'd have to go figure out which was the right one. This time I tried to figure out how to delete the Personal Address Book, since it wasn't being used.

I went to the address book options, Address Books. There is an option to select which address books to display and what order. I set it to display Contacts and not Personal Address Book.

But now the only thing it displays is Personal Address Book (which is empty). I can't find anyway to get it to display the Contacts. It is like it decided to toss all the contacts in the bit bucket.

Does anyone know how this works?

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Does anyone know how this works?

On-line/built-in Help doesn't go vary far to explain much. I have not yet tried to check the Turba page )via the Hoerde/OMP link provided in the SpamCop FAQ here.

I can point out that it's coming up on two weeks since I went chasing code (repositories) trying to track down an issue another user asked about (no new -e-mail sound notification) and sent my findings, questions, etc. upstream and have yet to hear anything back from either JT or Trevor. Your question involves yet another 'package' in this application, and I had no reason to scan through that code in that last search.

Probably obvious, but I'll ask ... do you have any backups of what you did have? Was it massively different/expanded from what you have sitting on your system under whatever e-mail client you're using? Questions are leaning to how hard it might be for you to quickly replace the contents with data you have on hand.

You should have / could try to hit JT/Trevor via thier support address, but .... it's Friday evening, headed into xmas ....

no promises, but if I can find the time and get into the right attitude, I'll go looking through some of that code. Your question, experience, and what I see offered as Help does suggest that a FAQ on some of this might be useful. Of course, that brings up attitude again, why waste the time on building yet another FAQ entry that no one looks at or will have those that do look at it complaining about the content?

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