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Newbie Here:

My held mail is being sent to my mail application. I just started using SpamCop a week ago and now I am getting spammed constantly by drug companies. I am getting more spam with other people's .mac addresses. I am new and find this frustrating. I have combed the forum and read many good posts but don't seem to find a simple answer. I have used the mail host program and was wondering if this is a problem. It worked when I put in the informtion. I did have spamcop.net as mail host but deleted it after getting loads of spam. Should I drop the Mail Host? :unsure:

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Can you please post details, like the error message you're receiving? Thanks!

As Mike Easter wrote in his little Inbox rant:

How to manage your email in terms of priority;  securely, conveniently,

and anti-spam.

The Inbox should contain only wanted mail, not spam or viral

propagations.  If your configuration is allowing spam into the Inbox, it

should be moved securely into a better folder location.  Reading Inbox

spam subjects is /potentially/ dangerous for your security and also

potentially a pro-spam activity.  Ideally Junk foldering spam should be

automated and the contents of that folder handled differently than

wanted mail.  Automation makes that process more secure, more

convenient, and more anti-spam by reducing the human curiosity factor.

Viral propagations should automatically be sent to a BigMail folder.

The most basic and important anti-spam activity is to pledge to never

aid a spammer by profitting *any* spammer or spamvertiser.  If there

were no profit there would be no spam.  There should be no curious

'interest' in a spamvertised item, and simply opening or previewing a

spam insecurely can profit a spammer as can visiting the website.  spam

opening and website visiting are advanced anti-spam activities which

should never be undertaken by the insecurely configured.

Active anti-spam activity, such as feeding spams to spamcop, should only

be done by the person who is already handling their spam securely and is

pledged to never aid a spammer.  Such 'handling' of spam should also

only be done securely, which is most often closed and unpreviewed and

from the Junk folder.

Also, as Miss Betsy would write: The following link is a study of how spammers get email addresses:


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