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[Resolved] server error from spamcop reporting


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I'm getting long responses to normal held mail reporting and then a server error. This is since this evening.

Hard to see much from this side of the screen. Don was just here, this seems like something that should be right up his area of concern, but ....

1. The graphic at the top right of this page doesn't show any outages/dropouts.

2. No traffic in the newsgroups from anyone with this problem/complaint.

3. No one jumping in here on the Forum.

4. There are actually a couple of ways to report from the Held Folder, so not sure which one you might be talking about.

One method has you logged into your SpamCop.net e-mail account .. navigating to the Held Folder ... doing some selecting of e-mail and actions. I'm guessing that this isn't the method you're talking about.

So other method actually has you logging into the Cisco/IronPort/SpamCop servers on the west coast, via the mailsc URL. Once logged in there, one hits the "Held Email" tab, which then uses an ancient hack (see the SpamCop FAQ here, the Wiki entries, the Glossary, even the Dictionary for the word/action called VER) to make a connection to JT's e-mail servers/systems on the east coast to pull up the contents of your Help Folder .... your screen/computer is just along for the ride .... I suspect that this is the action you're talking about.

The problem is .... there could be a Cisco/IronPort/Spamcop system/network connection that is having a problem getting out. It could be that one of JT's systems/hosting center might be throwing up some connectivity issues. However, if this was the case, you shouldn't be the lone complainant. One could bring up a possible database issue at either end, but .. that would also tend to include more folks having problems. The 'you alone' factor could suggest a possible issue that your SpamCop.net e-mail account has expired ...????

One could also add in that the Cisco/IronPort/SpamCop servers use Akamai services for a number of reasons, and you may have been routed through an Akamai server that's having issues. As the Akamai servers/service is geographically oriented, this could factor in to 'only you' having an issue at the moment.

Various troubleshooting steps ....

Is your e-mail account still viable?

Traceroute data involved with your attempted connection to the mailsc system (which actually will identify an Akamai server at 'that' end' ....

Clean-up. defrag, re-boot of your system to rule anything out at that end of the chain.

Wait and see if more folks start posting about their problems starting up.

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I appreciate the quick attention to the post, but whatever the problem, it cleared up just recently without me doing anything. I was getting a server error (sorry didn't copy it) and a long response to that as well, and just thought I would report it since I haven't seen that in x years of service.

Reporting via the webmail however worked. Who knows? I don't.


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... whatever the problem, it cleared up just recently without me doing anything. ...
Thanks for the feedback.

In general - the Wazoo response above is definitely worth preserving in some form for the knowledge it contains. Maybe it doesn't happen often (for variable "it") but it does happen from time to time.

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