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Ok, a little history. As many of you know, I run the IT department for an insurance agent with about 40 users.

A few months ago, I sent a complaint to NebuTel, as several of my users here were receiving unsolicited emails from a company called bullet-ins.com, which sent insurance related commercial emails to any email addresses it could scrape from the web for insurance agents and those in the insurance industry.

NebuTel in turn talked to the owner of bullet-ins about it, and they best excuse he could come up with was along the lines of "Well, those emails addresses are publicly available on the web". Needless to say, NebuTel was not amused. At the time, I don't think they terminated him outright, but my users stopped getting emails from him, and I got a nasty personal email from him about trying to "destroy his business", so I believe they required him to dump his list and start a legitimate subscription based list, or something to that effect.

Anyway, the point of the post. This showed up in my inbox this morning from the contact I had talked to at NebuTel, and it just brightened my day. (Name removed for privacy and edited for content")


I'm not sure if you remember a mialing list guy on our net work was sendingh your company unsolcited email...It gives me great pleasure of letting you know that bullet-ins.com is no longer in business. Brian Mccahill has stated that " that source of revenue is too hard to go after." and admits defeat.

He was an [expletive deleted] anyway.

So, all in all, I would say NebuTel is a white hat ISP if anyone is shopping.

They took the time to explain to their customer that they couldn't do what they were doing, and gave them an option to fix it, which I prefer for first time offenders rather than just dropping them without explanation, but they did take action to fix the problem.

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