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Best to report spam through Webmail or Forwarding messages?


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I was wondering if it's best (from a spam prevention point-of-view) to report spam through the webmail interface ("Report as spam" function under Held Mail) or through the report mechanism triggered by forwarding spam as an attachment to a "submit" [at]spam.spamcop.net address.

The former case seems a bit easier since you can take care of a number of messages with one action, but is the latter more effective since you have to manual submit each report? Does it even matter?


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Hi, 30/30!

...Actually, you can forward several spam using the second method.

...The advantage of manual submission, in my view, is that it allows you to see the e-mail addresses to which SpamCop is going to send the complaints before it does so, thus allowing you to stop any that you believe may be either misdirected (yes, the SpamCop software sometimes, albeit rarely, makes mistakes) or make you feel uneasy.

...Since I do not use SpamCop Webmail, I am unable to provide information on that from personal experience.

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