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DNS blacklists for entire countries?


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The only thing I could find relating to this was here. The China one seems dead.

Does anyone know dns blacklists for entire countries? Generally wanting to add China, Russia etc to my dns blacklist.

It'd be nice if a site listed all known dns blacklists, the nearest thing I can find to that is on wikipedia but alas that doesn't include any lists which cover entire countries.

EDIT: Oh, looks like I may have answered my own question. D'oh. It was linked in the wiki article I linked to...

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There are some "entire country" DNS blacklists, but some of them have apparently fallen by the wayside. For example, SpamCop email account filters offer these:






You'll find more information about those two resources here:



One of those that previously "went away" has apparently come back from the dead:


Another that was formerly offered to the SC email customers, blackholes.us, appears to be a "headless horseman," in that there's a service still answering queries, but the owner/operator seems to have fallen off the face of the earth, and the accuracy of his system was called into question here loudly enough to get it removed.

I found references to other resources here:


Which includes this site:


on which you can select individual countries and generate "deny" lists that can be pasted into ".htaccess" files.

There are probably more out there...a little more googling will show you the way. :-)


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Sorry, I gave the wrong format. It should be *.ru

Access for using this format probably needs to be via FTP.



in blacklist is what is required for emails with from address ending in ru will put it in held folder

For Brazil I put in


hotmail.com will stop all email with hotmail.com in from address

You whitelist will override all blacklists (use full email addresses) although just


will allow all mail with from address ending in cz to go to inbox (unless it contains a virus then it's deleted)

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