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Repeat Emails


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I have been getting the same 5 emails throughout the day for a few days now.

Only 1 is clearly spam. I get one from FPL, one from Dominos, 2 from thenerds.net, and a spam.

I have just been deleting them so I can't give you any specifics at this point. I just wanted to find out if this has been happening to anyone else.

I find it odd that this has happened all of the sudden. It seems unlikely that multiple sources outside the spamcop network would break suddently and start sending repeated messages.

Not all my email is doing this. I am getting some that isn't repeating. I'll try to narrow it down by destination as I've got 4 or 5 different emails converging on spamop.net . I know at least one was sent to a yahoo address and it may be some popgate thing.

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I checked my yahoo account and there is a lot of mail there not getting deleted.

They are the messages I keep getting.

It does appear to be a popgate issue.

The usual first fix for popgate issues is to delete and reenter your settings. I also use popgate to Yahoo and have nothing in my Yahoo inbox and nothing repeating, so it might be just your account. My Yahoo account is my largest source of spam.

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