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trouble with reporting. fanbridge.com?


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I too am having BIG problems getting a response from FanBridge, and the number of people my BUSINESS e-mail address has been given to keeps growing and growing, despite the fact I NEVER signed up to be on their (or any other) list.

I've not used the unsubscribe link for obvious reasons, but some of the new spammers include:



whoisyodady89 (etc.)


justkitofmyth, etc. etc. etc.

Mark, if you're still monitoring this discussion, I'd appreciate a PM....

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And totally out of nowhere, that infamous HotMail account of mine, 'closed for spamming' .. resurrected after a few years (but not used, other then the receipt of a half-dozen newsletters that apparently never noticed the bounces) in the weirdness of the changeover from HotMail to LiveMail, has just been thoughtfully subscribed to a FanBridge associate's garbage. What a deal! PM sent jsut to see if Mark is still around.

I had a HotMail account killed off by a bot or a total idiot a few years back trying to handle spamming of the newslink between Web-TV and the SpamCop newsgroups. turns out that 'they/ir' only killed off the account partially, as during the changeover to LiveMail, the account wa resurrected. Not used, other than still receiving several newsletters from folks that apparently never noticed the bounces over thos years. So imagine my surprise at finding out that I have just been subscribed to a FanBridge 'associate' The word 'amazed' just doesn't go far enough.

Subject: Get 25 Free Downloads for Updating Your Info on UnHeard Radio's Listener List - unheardradio.com

From: "UnHeard Radio" <mtower[at]unheardradio.com>

List-Id: "UnHeard Radio" <unheardradio.fanbridge.com>

Questions? Contact mtower[at]unheardradio.com or UnHeard Radio, c/o FanBridge,=

Inc. - 14525 SW Millikan Way, #16910, Beaverton, Oregon 97005, United Stat=


Based on your previous Posts, specifically those into the Topics such as http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=9294 .... I don't see the need to include any more identifying data so as to allow the simple 'unsubscribe/list-washing' actions by your customer. This idiot needs to be simply removed from your active client list.

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