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Blocked - Dynamic IP


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I have been listed on a few RBL's, CBL's etc. When this started I immediently looked internally and found an infected computer which i re-formatted. I asked to be delisted from blocking but was again re-listed. It showed reason as Dynamic IP.

It seems we have been sending out our email with two seperate IP's and it triggered a spamlike profile block? I have asked our ISP (telepacific) to make sure we are static and they claim we are. I then called mxtoolbox (email forwarding) and asked them to take us out of dynamic and into static with our ip range but they claim they can only change one of the ip's to be static, our main IP.

My question:

What determaines which IP address out of a range is used when sending mail? I have looked at router, firewall, exchange. How can I dictate which address is going to be used? - public IP - what it shows when we email

Thank You for any help in this area.


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It would depend entirely on your network setup. If you have your own mailserver, then the IP address would be whatever IP you have assigned to that mail server. If you are sending mail through a mail server provided by your ISP, then it is determined by their outgoing mail server. It is not at all uncommon for a single domain to send mail out through multiple IP addresses, especially for very high-volume domains such as yahoo or gmail which may actually use dozens of outbound servers, each with its own IP, to send mail from a single domain.

Which RBLs are you listed in exactly?

I do note that the IP addresses you listed & 37 have generic PTR records:

64-60-170-36.static-ip.telepacific.net and


You should get these changed to match the name that your mailserver announces on connection, as many providers will not accept mail if the server's HELO doesn't match the existing PTR records listed in DNS.

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Thank you for your quick response!

I did a lookup on mxtoolbox blacklist and that showed me who had us listed. The CBL we were listed on and i thought some RBL's too but i could be mistaken.

We do host our own mail Server. As far as the PTR records i am assuming that is on telepacific's side?

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