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ran Norton WinDoctor followed by Norton Disk Doctor

Implies you've got SystemWorks at hand. To my recollection, that package also includes a Registry Editor much more powerful than the one provided by Microsoft. I do have a problem getting specific with Win-ME .... I support no one with that, folks having either gone back to 98SE or up to XP ...

Anyway, fire up the Registry editor app, and navigate down to HKEY_Current_user\Software\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\Run .... (using MSCONFIG and unchecking an item from the Startup Tab moves an item from here to the next 'folder' down called Run- which keps it in the Startup Tab so you can check it again) .. Anyway, look in that list for something that may be related to the CallMe file (or something that doesn't match up with anything you know should be running) Pass that data back and see where that might take the flow of tracking things down. Pretending right now that this is an above-board thing and not trying to hide to deep within the Registry.

And of course, there's always the CTRL-ALT-DEL key stroke to pull up the Task Manager and see if something is listed as running that migth help identify the CallMe thing.

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not sure if this win98se windows file is with winXP?


which you run then click "Startup" TAB and see if its listed. You turn it off by unchecking box (it will be removed from "Startup" on reboot

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