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Taken from a query using the http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml page, for an actual, listed IP address

In the past 20.0 days, it has been listed 9 times for a total of 16.8 days
Just a tiny thing but maybe a better wording would be "...has been re-listed ..." since 9 listings might logically imply 9 days (or less). Two different and disconnected things are being described, the "16.8 days" describing, properly, the total duration on the SCbl (including the clock resetting when further spam was registered within 24 hours and not counted as a listing because IP is already listed), the "9 times" presumably referring to the initial listing followed by 8 subsequent occasions when it timed off the list, only to drop back in later when new spam was detected - an arbitrary distinction really. "re-listed" is then not quite correct but probably a much closer description for anyone new to the system.

As said, just a small thing, the total number of hits would be a better forensic measure (nothing arbitrary) but that might compromise the spamtraps (this is a spamtrap-only case) - so just a minor wording change proposed which might make it all just a touch more comprehensible to the proverbial 'angel on a telephone' - or a Korean/Chinese/Bulgarian/... admin on a steep learning curve. Any of those guys who are responsive need to be given as much help/encouragement as possible.

I'm fairly sure questions of interpreting the numbers have arisen before. No need to make it harder to grasp than it need be.

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