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Troubleshooting Forwarding to Spamcop

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Hi folks:

I'm still not 100% sure about where the slip-up /bug/problem is occurring, but:

I have a problem with single user at a site that has 2 SpamCop accounts. Both users are using hosted domain-mail (with Verizon as the provider). The forwarding option is set the same way in Verizon's webmail to forward to their respective Spamcop accounts. One user gets mail at their spamcop address, and the other does not. I've tested to make sure:

1) That the SpamCop address for the user who isn't working is correct;

2) That the user can receive mail when it's not being forwarded to SpamCop (picking up mail via

Outlook Express directly from Verizon);

3) That mail sent directly to the SpamCop.net address arrives at SpamCop. (It does.);

It appears that when forwarding from Verizon to SpamCop is where the problem occurs. I have tried leaving a copy on Verizon and forwarding without storing a copy. At the time we discovered the problem, we were just forwarding without storing a copy..so the user lost some mail.

When we stored and forwarded, the only copy the user got was the Verizon copy.

I have no idea what's going on. Any help would be appreciated.



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spamcop.net' post='64674' date='May 19 2008, 07:48 AM']I have no idea what's going on. Any help would be appreciated.

First things first. Please take the time to look at SECTION 7 - Change of Username of the Forum FAQ

Although written to a different issue, some troubleshooting procedures are described in the SpamCop FAQ entries (links at the top of this page) .... scroll down to the following spot seen under the Reporting section;

E-mail Submittal Problems / Issues

E-Mail spam submittals blocked by your ISP? Updated!

Emailed spam Submissions Disappearing? No Confirmation e-mails?

The point being that you need the captured header data in order to talk to either of the e-mail server Admin folks so that they can have an 'easy' way to find the spot in the logs to find the transfer 'problems' ... obtaining some sort of 'evidence' that the e-mail did in fact leave the ISP/Hosted account at all .... in the case of large/huge ISPs/Hosts, identifying which output servers might be involved ...

At the time we discovered the problem, we were just forwarding without storing a copy..so the user lost some mail.

If the e-mail makes it to JT's servers, it's pretty hard to go with that it got lost. On the other hand, the configuration, settings, rules, filters, and such of the 'problem' account weren't among the things checked. Worst case, has the Trash Folder been checked for content?

Note: kind of wondering who the 20+ people might have been that read this before I got here but didn't offer any attempted assistance .... kind of strange.

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I was one, but got busy at work and never got back to the forums.

No biggie .. heck it was over 35 views by the time I finished typing up my Reply. I was just surprised at 'the interest' with out any response.

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I looked at it several/numerous times, working out a response, not confident in covering the (somewhat unfamiliar) ground without looking up the FAQs etc myself, didn't get it done, instead surrendered to sleep (thinking, with 12-15 hrs time difference, there might be someone closer to the start of their day). The number of views is, and will be most times, greater by a margin than the number of viewers. People 'looking over your shoulder' probably just in breathless anticipation :D .

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