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Romanian phishers busted, one extradited to U.S.


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(Yahoo link)

"International organized crime poses a serious threat not only to the United States and Romania, but to all nations," Deputy Attorney General Mark R. Filip said in a statement from Bucharest, where he announced the charges. "Criminals who exploit the power and convenience of the Internet do not recognize national borders; therefore our efforts to prevent their attacks cannot end at our borders either."
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Well, it's a good start. Wake me when we get to China. ('There' being the epicenter of blatent, possibly state-condoned, certainly criminal phishing sites registered in their dozens, perhaps thousands currently being the biggest bee in my bonnet). As in:


and noting the same registrant involved in kae's complaint in http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=8522 almost a year ago.

As 'someone' would have it in SiteAdvisor:

Criminals, pure and simple. Sponsoring Registrar: 厦门华商盛世网络有限公司 (variously rendered Xiamen Chinese businessman prosperous times network Limited company,etc.) - they've been doing this, openly, for a year or more, apparently with perfect impunity (or is that 'immunity').

Sponsored on a botnet, or a fair imitation of one:

Non-authoritative answer:

Name: xkjhj0l.cn


Name Server:ns1.hostbworld.com

Name Server:ns2.hostbworld.com

But, yeah the (Yahoo link) is heartening news, requiring just a modicum of optimism and faith to savor. Thanks.
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Funny that it took so long to catch them ...I personally was involved in two of the cases which crossed the borders between US and Canada and knowledge/rumors about this worldwide gang started quite a few years back. The suspicion was that they had moles inside IT companies that were supposed to guard sensitive information. They were very well organized with several (recruited from new immigrants that hoped to get involved in get rich quick schemes and would quickly change countries if the trail got hot) levels of leadership and foot solders to make tracing to the leaders nearly impossible. Glad to hear they were finally pinned down....

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...I personally was involved in two of the cases which crossed the borders between US and Canada ...
... Well done, Dr. A!
now how about those olcab.ro people?
Have to admit they're a trifle ubiquitous. Hmm - that "Breitling" 1932 aviator commemorative with the slide rule bezel and the tachyometer is so cool :D. And 'Chinese' websites (Sponsoring regiatrar XIN NET TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION) finding bulletproof hosting in Romania? What a revolting turn of events. Registrant for some recent olcab.ro-hosted stuff all has admin address of cncliup[at]21cn.com (appears valid) but I'm guessing that's in their blackhat division or is the spoofed address of someone who's ticked them off. It's a crime.
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