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[Resolved] Address book

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In my SpamCop address book, how would I setup a group e-mail entry - in other words if I want to send an e-mail to my co-workers, how do I set them up as one group rather than selecting all of their names individually when composing an e-mail?

Thanks for your assistance.

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1. Click on the Address Book icon

2. Select some or all of the entries to be added to the new group

3. Drop down the menu where you see "to a Contact List"

4. Select the "Contacts" just under "Create a New Contact List In"

5. Click on word "Add" just before that drop-down menu

6. A small window should pop up, asking for a name for the list you are creating

That's it. You should see some confirmation text about the actions performed. To add additional entries to the list, select it from the same drop-down menu (it will be at the bottom) and use the "Add" function.

Try this and let me know if you have questions.


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