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Forum notification e-mail address change


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For those of you that have white-listed the e-mail address of the e-mail/notifications from this Forum, I have made a configuration change that will probably screw things up a bit.

It was: From: "SpamCop Discussion" <news[at]news.spamcop.net>

It is now: From: "SpamCop Discussion" <news[at]news.cesmail.net>

Issue was brought up by an [at]msn.com user that swore that the Validation e-mail was never received. Went through the usual 'check the Junk/Bulk Folders' stuff, did some other checks. Unusual in that there are numerous other [at]msn.com users Registered here, along with a ton-load of [at]HotMail.com users. I even Banned an [at]msn.com user as recently as 4 July due to spamming here.

Hiowever, I did eventually notice that there was an issue that dated back to when JT tossed up this new server .... when the Forum was transferred, numerous configuration settings simply moved over also. End result was that e-mail was 'from' a spamcop.net domain but was last handled by a cesmail.net server. My best guess has to be that msn.com decided recently to trash email due to the 'spammy' construct ...????

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