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Botnet demise


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From the pages of ars technica Police nab Shadow creators, force botnet to commit suicide

...The arrests actually occurred several weeks ago, on July 29, but it's what happened afterwards that has made this situation interesting. Instead of simply shutting the botnet down, the High Crime Tech Unit took control of it. Once Shadow was secured, the police contacted Kaspersky Labs about providing a means to neutralize the malware. Kaspersky has made their fix public, and will also deploy the instructions over the Shadow botnet itself.
Thanks to "Retired" at grc newgoups for bringing this one to light.
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And to the Dutch police, a hearty "Dank u wel en Gelukwensen"
Indeed. Just as long as they don't send out emails saying "You may have heard of our success ... apologies that some of our countrymen ... however to address this, we provide here the link here for you to download ..." :D

[on edit] Having said that, I had best point to Shadowbot Removal Instructions (Kapersky) or (for the really paranoid) given

C:\Documents and Settings\Steve>nslookup kaspersky.com


Non-authoritative answer:

Name: kaspersky.com


If my cache is reliable (bearing in mind DNS vulnerability) ... if the recently-announced nslookup vulnerability hasn't been exploited if ... darn, it never ends, does it?

Anyway Police start notifying botnet victims (Techworld) for more, including the Kapersky link.

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