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ICANN sends breach notices to two registrars


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Found out about this from a note from KnujOn:


Yes, two of everyone's favorite registrars have been formally notified that they are in breach of their ICANN accreditation agreements as of 1 October.

To avoid the commencement of the termination process, DNS.com.cn and Joker.com must cure the cited breaches within 15 days. ICANN will pursue all remedies available under the terms of the RAA, including possible termination, if DNS.com.cn and Joker.com fail to cure the cited breaches.

-- rick

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DNS.com.cn has over 300,000 domain names under management and Joker.com has over 600,000 domain names under management.

And how many are legit and how many are "Alex Rodreguez"-type registrations, eh?

Thanks for the good news :)

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