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unsolicited text message lawsuits


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too bad we allow no nothings unable to obtain a doctorate in any area to question a doctor of law
"no nothings"? Are you trying to refer to "know nothings" perhaps?

i am none......lets caht...intellignece...speciality
Folks...I don't think these are simply careless typos. Here are more from other sites, demonstrating some problems with the English language:

(the plural of ISP is ISPs, Joe)

to process their subscriber's preferences
(should be "to process their subscribers' preferences" -- unless there's only one subscriber involved)

does not complete it's task
(should be "does not complete its task" - "it's" is a contraction, not a possessive, Joe)

that allows user's this ability
(should be "that allows users this ability" - the plural of "user" is "users," Joe)

Seeing all this illiteracy, I'm extremely doubtful that Joe passed the bar in any state, but on that topic, here's what he advised someone else:

skip calif bar, dont think of new york or florida.

all the other bars are easier. try easier state!!.

im texas privacy attorney researching sears kmart for violations of privacy by customers involved with their shc community that have been suffered..

The bar exam in Texas must be ridiculously easy....but then, Texas is such an easy target for bashing, I think I'll refrain.

"wallpost"? Huh?

ineed advice
It's quite apparent that you need much more than simply some advice!


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gmail.com' post='67335' date='Oct 15 2008, 10:17 PM']<snip>

so if you want to debate.please be able to show me you are accomplished in your speciality. its so easy toi be dumb and poor, but question others.

Since you don't seem to understand the basics of how email works, you wouldn't know if someone did show that they are accomplished in the 'specialty' of most of the posters to this board. The one with the most knowledge and experience on this board, as well as the best troubleshooter, is Wazoo. Unfortunately, he is no longer responding to posts because you have not provided the technical details of what you are trying to accomplish.

Julian Haight wrote the code for the original software for the spamcop parser. I believe (it was before my time) he posted it as open source, but no other software engineer could make any modifications that worked - if I remember correctly, it was referred to as 'spaghetti code' meaning (again I am making an educated guess) that the code did not go from one code section to another, but branched off so many times with special cases that it was extremely difficult to follow the purpose of a particular section of code. IMHO, Julian is a brilliant software engineer. As far as I know, there is no other public spam parser that works. Several people over the years have become annoyed with spamcop policy and grumbled that they would create their own, but none has ever appeared.

No one knows if Julian is still involved in the maintenance of the parser code. Trouble tickets are sent to the 'engineers' - presumably paid by IronPort. The software cannot be bought - at least by ordinary individuals (Cisco did buy IronPort which probably included the parser software). One can contribute to the money necessary for the hardware and the salaries of those who maintain it, but one can use it for free - it is a service. So, also is the spamcop blocklist. I know less about that, but I expect that it is pretty straight forward and works exactly like any other public blocklist (there are over 400 of them, but only a handful are used by a significant number of people. Again, there is no software sale involved). The spamcop email service uses an email software program that they bought (off the shelf, I would think); customers who use the spamcop email service do not buy any software from spamcop, but use their own email product to access their email. They pay for the service.

Again, I cannot really 'debate' your proposal because of the lack of coherent detail and the lack of knowledge of how email and spam are presently handled.

Miss Betsy

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It's not just the typos, but what it is said sounds schizoid if not straight schizophrenic... I think it is more a matter of some mental imbalance, though being nearly illiterate may overlay it. I also sense a regression to the logical chain of a pre-teen child. I am no psychologist but this strikes me as one of the more severe mental cases we have had visit here..

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gmail.com' date='Oct 16 2008, 09:12 AM' post='67345']it appears that most here have a problems with attys.

gmail.com' date='Oct 15 2008, 09:17 PM' post='67335']i am none as the 3 comma kid.....i need 3 commas in my check. if you want to be nice, lets caht. if you make let than 1 million per year, as i do, then i will chat but you have lost the right to question me.

I finally guessed that you meant to say "known as the 3 comma ...." geeze ....

Yes, I have issue with most of them, and your money dialog touches one of the most basic issues. I recall my support visit to one such low-life. That visit was simply so much fun that I billed him at his hourly rates plus $50 U.S. I ended his bitching and complaining about the exhorbant invoice amount by explaining that I could only charge once for the time spent, quite unlike him charging 15 separate clients for the same minimum-half-hour-billable time while making phone calls to "opposing" lawyers' offices (whilst knowing full well that they were out of the office, still sitting in the courthouse waiting for their cases to come up.)

too bad we allow no nothings unable to obtain a doctorate in any area to question a doctor of law or any field when their ability to ex[press their intellignece allows them to make less than 100,000 per yr, what i pay my assistant.

As a retired enlisted U.S. Army guy that's trying to survive at below poverty level, let me state that you're welcome ... from all the folks that have done so much to allow you the freedom of making such absurd remarks.

so if you want to debate.please be able to show me you are accomplished in your speciality. its so easy toi be dumb and poor, but question others.

I can't help but note that you have totally ignored my previous post in this Topic. You have yet to offer anything worthwhile to "debate" .. wondering at this point just what you definition of "debate" must be. (or is this yet another misspelled word that I have yet to figure out what you really meant to type???)

ok, if you are selling software,then u invented it.........................u paid for the rights to use it................or your a lose telling your friends you are steal;ing others people's work and selling it................im koolllllllllllll

Yet again, just what software is being sold (in your mind)?????

can we get back to smart people findings bad people......

In your alleged scenario of SMS texts, start with a subpoena for the applicable phone records .... go from there. As I previously stated, phone call data falls under a whole different set of laws, restrictions, controls, etc. Why the hell does this need explaining to you?

ineed advice

From the "no nothings" here? After your badmouthing and abusive remarks?

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