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Hello All,

Most of you have no idea who I am, but the old folks here will know. I just want to give my thank to SpamCop. Back in '98 SpamCop helped me like no other resource could have. We run a wholesale service called MegaPOP, where mom and pop ISPs could open their own business without all the dialup equipment or mail servers. Our first problem was that we had no idea the type of spam problem that we were getting ourselves into. Days and Nights were spent just trying to keep up with spam reports/complaints. With the help of these forums and others we were able to build SMTP filters that attached to someone radius profile, limiting those people to use only the ISP mail server or ours. Those filters prevented spammers from relaying email off of other ISPs / customers. Those filters helped contain a vast amount of spam from this network. The next step was switching from Sendmail to Postfix (which is a major upgrade in user friendliness) We were then able to setup throttles so that no large amounts of email left or servers. It has been years since I have visited here, mainly because my responsibilities switched here (part of integration teams). I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm back to fight the good fight. But most of all I wanted to thank SpamCop and it's users for all the help it has provided over the years.

John Malecki

Systems Administrator - PAETEC





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