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Android email apps that allow forwarding spam as attachment

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I need to report spam on my Gmail account through my android phone. But, Gmail app for Android does not have "forward as attachment" feature and accessing Gmail web is very finicky.

I just need a mail client app that'll allow me to forward messages as an attachment -- headers included -- to spamcop. I'm trying not to resort to trial and error.

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@jprogram unfortunately gmail doesn't have that option on apps, neither for phones nor tablets, just like you said.

Even through a web browser, gmail has removed the possibility to forward as attachment.

There are certainly 3rd party mail programs that can do that, outlook being one of them, and I think thunderbird has that option as well.

Back a while ago I wrote a program in apps scri_pt in which I can report all spam in my spam folder to spamcop, but again, apps scri_pt only works on computers, not phones or tablets.

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, although maybe someone knows of something that works on phones.


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