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  1. No confusion (at least to me) as I understand exactly how those connectivity and security issues work 😋 I just wanted to clarify it because after your OP, another post about VPN followed up, and that is where I thought a clarification is/was needed. Of course the problem is that as a private user with the "free" RealVCN version you can only use "Cloud Connect" which, as you mentioned, requires internet connectivity. I hope your internet woes end soon and stability returns to the internet in the snow-capped mountain region Getting cut off from "civilization" (if you can call this like that) in different ways -- once during winter and then again through internet connectivity -- can get trying if it happens too often... or worse, at the same time... I wish you and yours all the best
  2. ok, just to clarify: VNC is Virtual Network Computing, which allows you to use another computer or system like "remote access", so you're basically running another system on the computer you are using. Just about any SBC (single board computer) e.g. Raspberry Pi or Arduino Mega are perfect examples thereof. You can attach keyboard and monitor to them, but using VNC is more efficient IMNSHO. VPN, on the other hand, is Virtual Private network, which encrypts the information you are sending over the ether (my choice of word for the WWW) from the device you are using to the VPN server that you are accessing to then continue over the web. They are two different beasts, and often VNC is run over a VPN connection. Lking's "translation" is absolutely on point 🙂. The same can be said with VPN as 'Your internet traffic through someone else's server' where that server usually knows the data you are sending and can read it, but every system in between sees only garbled data. Interestingly, you can install openVPN on RPi and connect from basically anywhere in the world to your home over VPN and then continue your connections from there although currently I'm not sure if you can access it with VNC at the same time... haven't tried that one out yet.... (lack of time)
  3. That statement alone sends shivers down my spine... now I worry what information I might have been sending through the "ether" (even though hopefully encrypted) and who is getting that information... or who could access my devices without my knowledge...
  4. to be honest, "brief periods" to me can also mean several hours to even days as a "brief period" is not defined. I know, days is probably out of the question, but still, several hours until a satellite appears... could be a problem, and then, satellite outages happen, and solar storms will affect those even more and be able to knock them out temporarily or even permanently... but I know what you mean
  5. I'm not sure what you saw, but sc clearly gets abuse at gtt dot net and not brookstonenetworks... 🤔
  6. RobiBue

    Unable to forward spam

    are you attaching the spam message or sending it inline? it is imperative that you sent the original spam as an attachment.
  7. just want to say that the address it "would" report to is dead (does not exist) you'd get a bounce. see: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?track=postmaster%40confiraseusdescontosepontos.com Parsing input: postmaster@confiraseusdescontosepontos.com Cannot find an MX for confiraseusdescontosepontos.com Host confiraseusdescontosepontos.com (checking ip) IP not found ; confiraseusdescontosepontos.com discarded as fake. No mail exchanger. Email to this address would bounce. Cannot resolve postmaster@confiraseusdescontosepontos.com No valid email addresses found, sorry!
  8. somehow this story reminds me of a peculiar bridge aka "can opener" aka (former) 11' 8" bridge (nor raised to 12' 4" yet still not enough) (can be found on YT ) glad you're back and that it got sorted out 😁
  9. I hope it'll get sorted out soon!
  10. probably... hopefully it'll stay quiet for a while
  11. RobiBue

    Irrelevant websites in SC reports

    I do have a suggestion wrt website links: usually the links to be reported are all checked. I can uncheck one or more if needed, but usually I do not want to report the website links unless I think they are relevant to the spammer, so my suggestion would be to add a "check/uncheck all links" so that only the source is checked (I don't believe there is an option in settings to have links unchecked by default). That (whatever it is, general checkbox for links, button, whatnot) method would allow reporting links to be unchecked (or checked) if desired without having to go through 10 or more checkboxes... Just an idea. Maybe someone had already suggested it?
  12. As the topic title suggests, I have been receiving less and less spam, while some of it is mostly noise from one or two companies who never understood (or accepted) my request to be removed from their list, and there was one who said he knew my password and to pay him with bitcoin or little she/he/it would post a "video" of me... after I reported that little she/he/it, I received an amazon login attempt/password change 🤣 where this bugger attempted to use the (very old, I might add) pwd and failed 🙄 anyway, 11 spams last week, and 0 over the weekend! I wonder if it's the same everywhere or if somehow my email address has been basically cleaned out from those lists...
  13. both links parse correctly for me and both would report to Report spam to: Re: (Bounce) To: abuse@virtono.com (Notes) I don't know if @Richard W or @Lking or another forum admin could figure out where your "nothing to do" problem lies... several years ago Don D'Minion (3rd message in following thread: added a yahoo host to the account, but from what I understand, you have no mailhosts in your account (neither have I FWIW) so the problem must lie elsewhere... Richard and Lking, sorry for the ping if it's not netiquette and I apologize.
  14. that is odd, as I get the same as KNERD 🤔 (except that since he already submitted it, I don't get the report link) I don't know what to say, except that there might be something going on if you have hosts set up in spamcop...