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  1. Thank you for correcting my terminology. krys1202
  2. Yahoo! Groups provided a list of 20 servers, all ending with the /24 like your example; JustHost refuses to do anything with the IP range--they want all the server addresses; Yahoo! Groups feels that they should have someone who knows how to deal with the IP address range and, frankly, I agree. JustHost is not my ISP provided, it is my web host to whom I have paid for 4 years in advance. Thanks, krys1202
  3. JustHost has not been at all cooperative in trying to solve this issue. Yahoo! Groups has provided JustHost with the IP range of its group servers, but JustHost wants all the actual IP addresses, but Yahoo! Groups will only provide the range. The impression given by JustHost is that it just doesn't care about whether or not we receive or mail and it will not go out of its way to provide customer service to us. Chris
  4. Thank you for your suggestion, which I passed on to JustHost. Its response was that they do not deal with blacklists. krys1202
  5. Is there any solution for our problem? We really need to know that we can receive all the notification and group mail that is being sent to us. Thank you, krys1202
  6. What can we do about that? Is there a way that you can provide us with the list of Yahoo servers being blocked so that we can give the list to JustHost so they will accept mail from those servers. JustHost has asked us for a list of Yahoo servers and Yahoo! Groups provided a range of IP addresses for their servers which was not acceptable to JustHost. If you could give us a list of the Yahoo! Group servers being blocked that might solved our problem. Thank you, krys1202
  7. A friend and I own a Yahoo! Group. We use JustHost.com as our web host. When we started the Yahoo! Group, we decided to use the web mail service provided by our web host. We configured our JustHost.com mail accounts to be delivered to us via IncrediMail. We are having lots of problems getting our group notifications and emails from our members, which is disastrous for us as the group owners. We have tried to resolve this issue with both Yahoo! Groups and JustHost.com, without success. We never signed up for SpamCop and really do not want it, but JustHost.com said that we cannot disable it and that we are stuck with it. Following is the latest Bounced Message Report I received: Remote host said: 550 an RBL, see Blocked - see http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml?" [RCPT_TO] I have checked the IP in the link and get a report that it is not block listed. I do not understand why, if it is not block listed, the mail is being bounced. Is there a way that we can disable SpamCop so that we get all the necessary notifications and group emails; or is there a way to resolve this issue so that we can get all the necessary notifications and group emails? As the groups owners, it if imperative that we receive everything we need, both from Yahoo! Groups and our group members. Thank you for your assistance. krys1202
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