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  1. Reporting spam to Spamcop has become very easy with Mac Mail and IMAP. Here's how: First, in Mac Mail, create an IMAP account for your spamcop account. Incoming Mail server is imap.spamcop.net In Mac Mail, you'll see two new folders under your inbox, held mail and trash. To go through your held mail to see if false positives are in your held mail. Just select the folder, and select each item. Mail keeps the message from automatically connecting to the internet. If you find a false positive, move it to your inbox. To report an email as spam. While going through your inbox, you can hit the junk mail button in Mac Mail, and the message will be moved to the held mail folder on the SpamCop server! Here's how to set it up: Go to Mail -> Preferences -> Junk Mail For 'When Junk Mail Arrives' select Perform custom actions. Then go to the Advanced button and click it. At the bottom of the window where it says Perform the following actions: Move Message to mailbox... select the option box that says junk mail folder and change the folder to the spamcop held mail folder. click ok close preferences Now whenever you report mail as junk, it gets moved to your held mail folder. Okay, so now it's time to report those buggers to spamcop. The fastest way to report spam to spamcop is through the webmail interface. Go here: https://webmail.spamcop.net/ Or set it as a bookmark for easy access. Log into your account click on the held mail url then click on the select all button then click on the report as spam button! It's that easy! All messages selected are reported as spam. One note, if you had an email that wasn't spam that you moved to your inbox, it will still be in the held mail, although it will show it is deleted. I make sure to check those first and either delete or whitelist. ¢¢
  2. I did a search, and found a thread with some scripts. But those scripts are almost too much work compared to using the IMAP. It's really cool how this works! I IMAP from Mail. On my local computer, I have my spamcop account, with two subfolders, Held Mail & Trash. Just by clicking on the held folder from my local computer I can see all my held mail. If I find a piece of mail that is not spam, i just drag it to my top lever folder. It moves out of my held mail. If I have spam in my inbox, I click on the Junk Mail button, and it moves the mail message to my held mail folder on the server. After reviewing all mail, I go to the SpamCop web mail, then go to my held mail folder. Click on the select all button, and click on the report as spam URL. All messages are reported as spam! No hassel. It's extremely easy. The one step I am trying to cut out, is going to the SpamCop WebMail interface. If I could send an email to spamcop, or my inbox, with a special subject line, spamcop could automatically report all mail in my held mail as spam. I've already checked the held mail for false positives from my local email program.
  3. Hello, I'm using Mac Mail IMAP to look at my held folder. It's so cool to be able to scan my held mail in Mail, and if I need to, move a false spam from the held directly to my mailbox. I can also set my mac Mail spam rules to move spam to my held folder on the server instead of on my junk mailbox. Once a day I'll log into my held mail to report the spam. I've already reviewed it from my Mac Mail program. What I would like, is to be able to send an email to my account that tells smapcop to report all held mail as spam. ¢¢
  4. Would be nice to have a delete all checkbox in the personal whitelist page. When I clear out my whitelist, it can take up to 10 min to check all the items, delete, move to the next page. Thanks. Moderator edit: merged into this existing Topic/Discussion. PM sent to advise of the Merge.
  5. Here is the header for an email that did not work with the following whitelists: group101filmscolorado-bounce[at]srs.perfora.net groups.msn.com Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="----=_NextPart_000_1251F6_01C56957.315E1DD0" Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 22:46:06 -0700 [06/04/2005 11:46:06 PM MDT] Delivered-To: spamcop-net-mySpamcopEmail[at]spamcop.net From: MSN Group Member <MSNgroupMember[at]netscape.net> MIME-Version: 1.0 Message-Id: <Group101FilmsColorado-1263[at]groups.msn.com> Received: (qmail 8481 invoked from network); 5 Jun 2005 05:46:07 -0000 from unknown ( by blade6.cesmail.net with QMQP; 5 Jun 2005 05:46:07 -0000 from mout.perfora.net ( by mailgate.cesmail.net with SMTP; 5 Jun 2005 05:46:07 -0000 from [] (helo=p02.groups.msn.com) by mx.perfora.net with ESMTP (Nemesis), id 0MKuxu-1DenxW3YIz-0005Ud for myEmail[at]myDomain.com; Sun, 05 Jun 2005 01:46:06 -0400 from mail pickup service by p02.groups.msn.com with Microsoft SMTPSVC; Sat, 4 Jun 2005 22:46:06 -0700 Reply-To: Group101Films Colorado <Group101FilmsColorado[at]groups.msn.com> Return-Path: <SRS0=P2M+=UL=groups.msn.com=Group101FilmsColorado-bounce[at]srs.perfora.net> Subject: Emergency Casting To: Group101Films Colorado <Group101FilmsColorado[at]groups.msn.com> X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V5.50.4927.1200 X-OriginalArrivalTime: 05 Jun 2005 05:46:06.0328 (UTC) FILETIME=[DDDBEF80:01C56991] X-Originating-Ip: X-spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 3.0.2 (2004-11-16) on blade6 X-spam-Level: * X-spam-Status: hits=1.4 tests=EXCUSE_10,FROM_ENDS_IN_NUMS,HTML_FONT_BIG, HTML_MESSAGE,HTML_TAG_EXIST_TBODY version=3.0.2 X-SpamCop-Checked: X-SpamCop-Disposition: Blocked SpamAssassin=1
  6. I'm trying to whitelist a msn group and haven't been successfull. As you know, when a member posts to a yahoo, or msn group, the from address is the email address of the member of the group and not the email from the group. I don't want to whitelist every single member of the msn group, but I do want to whitelist the msn group. I have read the help for whitelisting a yahoo group, which says: How do I whitelist yahoo groups? Yahoo Groups mail should have a Return-Path header that looks like ...[at]returns.groups.yahoo.com In order to pass all Yahoo Groups mail through to your inbox, add "returns.groups.yahoo.com" (without the quotes) to your whitelist. http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/306.html However, when I put in the mns return-path header: <SRS0=P2M+=UL=groups.msn.com=Group101FilmsColorado-bounce[at]srs.perfora.net> It doesn't work. If I put in just the domain: srs.performa.net the whitelist then lets in other spam sent from that domain. If I put in Group101FilmsColorado-bounce[at]srs.perfora.net The whitelist doesn't work. Can anyone let me know what I am doing wrong? Thank you.
  7. Here is my process and keyboard shortcuts for reporting spam through the website for those interested. I am using Thunderbird as my email client, some of these shortcuts may be different for your email application. Safari is my web browser. Thunderbird---(command+u)----------------View message source Thunderbird---(command+a)----------------Select all Thunderbird---(command+c)----------------Copy LaunchBar----(command+spacebar)-------Open LaunchBar LaunchBar----(sp then enter)---------------Open Spamcop reporting web page using launchbar Safari----------(tab*2) (command+v)------Paste email into spam reporting field Safari----------(tab)(spacebar)---------------Submit spam Safari----------Wait for SpamCop confirmation page to open Safari----------(shift+tab*(the number of comment boxes at the bottom of the web page until the "Send spam reports button" is selected) Safari----------(spacebar)----------------------To submit spam Mac OS--------(apple+tab)--------------------select Thunderbird application Thunderbird---(command+w)---------------Closes the email message source window Thunderbird---(J)------------------------------Flags the email as spam in Thunderbird I almost prefer this method now because there is no keyboard shortcut on the mac for "Forward as attachment" in Thunderbird. And if I forward as attachment I have to wait for the return email and then click on the link to finish reporting.
  8. Thanks for responding to the SpamCop application issue in a professional manner. You helped to change my view of SpamCop to a more positive one. It's seems silly that the developer mentioned wouldn't change the name of the application. I stand corrected.
  9. Just to chime back in about this topic. After having problems with Thunderbird and forwarding as an attachment, I went back to viewing the message source, copy, open up spamCops reporting page, pasting and reporting. I can get by with doing all this through the keyboard, so it's not too slow. Here is my process and keyboard shortcuts for those interested. (command+u) - View message source (command+a) - Select all (command+c) - Copy (command+spacebar) Open LaunchBar (sp then enter) Open Spamcop reporting web page using launchbar (tab*2) (command+v) Paste email into spam reporting field (tab)(spacebar) - Submit spam when confirmation page opens (shift+tab*(the number of comment boxes at the bottom of the web page until the "Send spam reports button" is selected) (spacebar) I almost prefer this method now because there is no keyboard shortcut on the mac for "Forward as attachment" in Thunderbird. And if I forward as attachment I have to wait for the return email and then click on the link to finish reporting. It also solves my problem with forward as attachment in Thunderbird, because I'm not using it. :-) On a side note, it urks me a bit that SpamCop is so resistant to other developers developing applications that help the reporting process in SpamCop. (see the creator of the SpamCop application for Mac mail). It's a non issue for me right now because I am using Thunderbird instead of Mac Mail for email. Hopefully someone will develop an extension for Thunderbird that can immediately report spam from Thunderbird. But who am I to blow against the wind.
  10. hmmm... I think the problem may be more with Thunderbird than anything else. When I forward as attachment to my spamcop account, and use my browser to check the inbox, the attachment is there. When the email is downloaded to Thunderbird, there is nothing in the attachment. However... I just went to Thunderbird->View->Display Attachments online, and the attachment appears in my email. Why it doesn't appear when I save it to the desktop and open it with text edit? I have no clue. This entire thread started when I kept getting messages from Spamcop that the spam I was forwarding as attachment had no data. My assumption was that Thunderbird was not sending the data. But that doesn't seem like the case. It seems that Thunderbird just won't let me see the data? ¢¢
  11. I think what she may be talking about is virus software that is scanning out viruses in her email before they get to her. However, my problem seems to be more with sending out attachments. Deductions? 1. Thunderbird is missending the attachment. 2. My SMTP server is scanning out spam and deleting attachments. 3. Spamcops pop server is scanning out spam and deleting attachments. 4. Somewhere in all the hops the email takes to get from my computer and back to my computer, something is cleaning out my emails and filtering what I say. I'll cross out #3 as a deduction. And #4 starts getting into voodo or extreme paranoia. That leaves 1 or 2.
  12. Hey Wazoo... still here. Just intermitantly. Thanks for all the extra effort! SpamCop doesn't pay you enough... okay... so they don't pay you anything. :-o I'm glad to see that my Firewall works though. :-) I'm running Intego's Firwall on a mac, and am also behind a LynkSys router. My guess is she hit the router that was asking for a serial port? I know my computer doesn't have a serial port... as it's a mac. Again, thanks for hurculean effort. At the very least you gave my paranoia a wack by having someone try to telnet to my computer... either that or gave my confidence in Qwest a wack. All that to say... thanks.
  13. Just tried another test: Forwarded as attachment from Thunderbird through a different SMTP server, and the attachment came back cleaned out. This leads me to believe that there is a problem with Thunderbird?
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