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  1. I have been using this email address and the same ISP for over a year and a half. I have never had any issues with bounce back emails until about 3-4 months ago. I started to receive bounce backs when ever I would send an email to a person at a company that I email back and forth from many times daily. The emails all said the following in the txt file that is attached to the bounce back. Here is one that was received earlier today 09/11/2012: I have contacted our ISP 4 times and they always say they will create a job ticket and then for the next week or so I do not have any other issues. Then out of no where, I will start to receive bounce backs again. This issue originally started with just 1 email destination giving the bounce back to just me. However, now the bounce backs are coming from multiple email destinations and some of my co-workers are also getting the bounce backs. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why I am getting these bounce backs or how to get this issue resolved permanently? Also, please understand that I have installed and ran 4 different Anti Virus programs and all of them came back clean. Thank you in advance.