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  1. Member who opens up junk email to take the chance of your computer getting infected, when Cisco should be blocking based on the RBL.
  2. A big company like Cisco who sells spam applainces allows people to get junk email through their domain name. Tell me what's wrong with that?
  3. Why when spamcop should be doing the filtering correctly , not causing people agravavtion .
  5. Please contact Cisco and find out what the deal is here
  6. Like I said nothing gets done here, it's all talk
  7. The only person that I am going to contact is the BBB because Cisco is not going to listen to me. This is not a threat, as I submitted a complaint against Facebook two months ago. This is the only way to get things done, their is no one to contact here on this forum, you end up getting lame advise As far as "venting" you just don't want to hear the truth !
  8. The only way to get things done now and days is to file complaints, otherwise you get ignored. It's total B.S. that I am dealing with this problem for weeks now. Spamcop is suppose to block spam , which it has not been doing for some time now. Think that I won't file complaints against Cisco, think again because I filed a complaint against Facebook two months ago !!!
  9. Somebody needs to tell Cisco to fix their problems because I am getting a huge increase in my inbox. If this does not stop I will file a complaint with the BBB
  10. i had this same problems and couldn't access my account for months. I reset the password also and still couldn't gain access. I thought about the problem, and the solution is pretty simple. You can not copy and paste the reset password into the box, you must type it in. Furthermore the reset password is case sensitive I have seen this issue with other sites where you couldn't just copy and paste passwords into a login form box. I think it has to do with preventing bot-nets from using millions of password attempts to crack the account.
  11. I also stated about three months ago that cesmail.net was in financial trouble and look what happened . No repy back yet, maybe I will give this hosting service a call
  12. I migrated all my email away from spamcop.net last month as the service is now to risky, I would recommend the email service listed below
  13. Thanks for checking my spelling, But anyway, I sent a email to that hosting company to find out if it's legimate. It's just odd that right after Jeff Tucker changed the MX record so that ongoing email forwards to Cisco , I received that message. I mean come on why just create a fowarding account , that users can't access or find out if legimates emails are being stopped. I can create email forwards with my mail maps , why do I need Cisco? I am now paying $30 for a email foward, big deal. Their has to be more to this
  14. Symantics , if you ask me. Then how does that explain what I've seen on that site, Could have that been spoofed to? That would including a email role account that I use, which is associated with my spamcop.net account
  15. If you check in the last month , the spam reporting has pretty much gone to zero. So no one is reporting junk email anymore, which means the spammers have won
  16. Call Jeff Tucker who owned cesmail [dot] net which was the email part of the paid service. Call him at (770)-712-9646 and ask for your $30 back.
  17. Denial , you are wrong I've been on the spam quarantine site. It's one hundred percent real and not a spoofed site
  18. Why couldn't it ,be the site www.alpha-tech[dot]us/ is a cloud hosting company. The front end site which I've seen is hosting on their equipment. Maybe Cisco has a controling interest in this company which is located in West Virgina. Or the actual Ironport/Cisco spam appliance is located in this data center Alpha Technologies, 4003 Outlook Drive Hurricane, WV 25526 Phone: (304) 201-7485
  19. It contains one of my role email accounts,and also had a blocked email Maybe the N.S.A. was behind this !strong evidence ! ----- ironport ironport [at] alpha-tech.us via spamcop.net from: ironport <ironport[at]alpha-tech.us> to: --------[at]antihotmail.com date: Thu, Sep 25, 2014 at 3:54 PM subject: IronPort spam Quarantine Notification mailed-by: spamcop.net X-Eon-Dm: sj1-dm02Received: from mailman.alpha-tech.us (mailman.alpha-tech.us [162.210.13.xxx]) by xxxx.mta.everyone.net (EON-INBOUND) with ESMTP id sj1-dm02.541b9cc3.1014352 for <-------[at]antihotmail.com>; Thu, 25 Sep 2014 12:54:05 -0700Received: from localhost by mailman.alpha-tech.us; 25 Sep 2014 15:54:01 -0400Content-Type: text/html; charset="utf-8"MIME-Version: 1.0Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64Message-Id: <b3eed0$ace466c=bf28521f21bf93e4[at]mailman.alpha-tech.us>From: =?utf-8?q?ironport?= <ironport[at]alpha-tech.us>Sender: postmaster[at]alpha-tech.usTo: ----[at]antihotmail.comDate: 25 Sep 2014 15:54:01 -0400Subject: IronPort spam Quarantine NotificationX-Eon-Alias-Sig: AQKh+4NUJHLdnTY+4QEAAAAF,304d2b6e27c0f613bde8e38507d38b7fX-Proofpoint-Virus-Version: vendor=fsecure engine=2.50.10432:5.12.52,1.0.28,0.0.0000 definitions=2014-09-25_08:2014-09-25,2014-09-25,1970-01-01 signatures=0X-Proofpoint-spam-Details: rule=notspam policy=default score=0 spamscore=0 suspectscore=7 phishscore=0 adultscore=0 bulkscore=0 classifier=spam adjust=0 reason=mlx scancount=1 engine=7.0.1-1402240000 definitions=main-1409250206X-SpamCop-Checked: X-SpamCop-Disposition: Blocked SpamAssassin=3X-SpamCop-Disposition: Blacklist list-admin[at]e1m.net
  20. It's D.O.A. ! It appears that www.cesmail [dot] net is gone also. Jeff Tucker took the money and ran.
  21. I believe it is , because it stated "Email Quarantine" and "Iron Port"
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