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  1. No, it's not just you. My ticket is being ignored too, and I've never criticized anybody at Spamcop--never even commented on this forum or submitted a ticket about outages. They're probably just swamped with questions right now.
  2. I haven't tried Hushmail, but I'm using Fastmail now and I like it. The web interface is better than Spamcop's, and for $40 a year I get 15 GB of storage (more than I need) and the ability to use my own domain name, if I have one. Registering a domain name (which is optional) costs me $15 a year, for a total of $55. That's more than Spamcop cost, but I get a better web interface, my own custom domain, and the security that comes from knowing that my email provider won't suddenly disappear. Spamcop.net email was great. I signed up over 10 years ago, and for the first 7 years, I literally did not get a single spam message. Not one. (I remember being disappointed when I got my first spam, because then I couldn't tell people I never got spam.) Regardless of what's happening to the service now, I wouldn't trade those years for anything. I'm disappointed that the service is ending. I'm also kind of excited that I finally get a decent webmail interface with Fastmail.
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