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  1. I am just so confused about this. As I understand it, from Sep 30, email addressed to my [at]spamcop.net email address will be spam-checked by a different system, 'Cisco Reputation System', and good emails then forwarded to a nominated separate email address. I won't be able to review emails considered as spam any more, but this Cisco Reputation System is supposed to be pretty good, so perhaps that's not such a downside. I won't get any refund on my Spamcop subscription. My [at]spamcop.net address is only guaranteed for a year. OK, got all that. My question is, what then is left of Spamcop? Their email says 'SpamCop will continue to focus on providing the World's best spam reporting platform and blacklist for the community.' But if it's Cisco Reputation System doing the spam control from now on, how does this 'best spam reporting platform and blacklist' actually get accessed? Am I missing something here?
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