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    Viagra spammer. Questions

    A while ago i posted a message here about how I was reporting every spam I received to Spamcop but this appeared to achieve nothing. On looking at internet message boards, it seems this particular viagra spammer is well known, has been around for years and floods victims with his unwanted garbage on a daily basis. With me, it began in August 2014 when I received about 30 a day. Why on earth the sender thinks people will respond to his adverts by barraging them with hundreds or thousands of emails is an interesting question. I have used Yahoo email for some 15 years and began paying for the Yahoo Plus as I was so impressed with it. The filters worked well although I found/find it annoying that I still have to see spam as I have to check the spam and Trash folders as valid emails are occasionally wrongly placed in these by Yahoo. Suddenly last week Yahoo began to completely ignore my filters and the spam no longer goes into the rubbish folders. The filters were correctly made out (they had to be as Yahoo was doing as they requested). In view of this change, I deleted them and made out just one which again is correctly made out and yet Yahoo ignores it. On emailing Yahoo, I am just referred to its help files which do not help, and on emailing the head office, I am told there is no help available in view of where I live (Britain!). So, it's happy to take my money but refuses to sort out what seems to be its own system error. I am writing to ask whether there are any email providers, free and/or subscription, that operate a reliable system where filter instructions are properly followed. Ideally, i would prefer it if obvious spam was deleted by the email address provider before it reached me, but I suppose that is too much to hope for. I do not want to start using special programs to obtain my email. I just want webmail that works and is reliable. On a second matter, I see that some ISPs willingly take on spammers as customers. I wonder why all the traffic from ISPs that are known to consistently do this is not rejected/blocked by reputable ISPs. If the spam-loving ISPs were isolated, they would hardly last very long.
  2. outlawspam

    What's the point?????

    For some four months I have been reporting a viagra spammer at least four time a day. Before this (fropm August) I was receiving up to 30 each day/night. I believe this is one of the most prolific of spammers and in my opinion slow gassing would be too good for him/her/them (and I would happily. puill the lever). Despite all that I have done, this excrement still comes! What exactly is the point of reporting such spam when it apparently makes no difference at all? The scum who send this rubbish must have an IQ of a dead cockroach as they seem to think I will use their 'service' if they keep emailing me day after day. Jesus wept! How dumb is that? I notice the url is different in each email so I assume he/she/they have to keep changing their website, but any hope this will wear the sender down is not fulfilled as it just keeps on - and on and on.- coming. I assume some dumbasses are sending him/her/them money or they would not be doing this (and it must be quite a number to go to this trouble of keep setting up new websites at least 4 times a day). Is there really that number of stupid people using the internet? (Nb. I am in the UK and can get Viagra completely free - I don't need to buy it, if I ever wanted it). I have decided to abandon my email address on yahoo (which I have had for over ten years) and get one where I can change the email name as I choose. (NB. I see my allowance on Spamciop has gone from 15 Megs to 14.7Megs). Apart from all that i have said, I sometimes see on Spamcop that the ISP has requested no communications about the spammer. So, I ask again, what is the point of reporting such spam? If it's supposed to be therapeutic, it is NOT. This clearly is not a typical spammer, so something special is needed. VERY pissed off! .
  3. outlawspam

    Medic Canada

    I posted an email in the forum explaining how I had been receiving many hundreds of spam emails from Medic Canada for months and these were often 20 or 30 in just a day. Well, it continues. Last night, in just 6 hours I received 11. Apart from the fact that a complete imbecile would realise that sending hundreds of the same email to me in a week or so is hardly likely to make me change my mind about using the site, I cannot understand why the ISPs they use allow this amount of traffic. Presumably the sender is a new subscriber, so I would have thought an ISP would be monitoring the possibility of spamming when the account begins. Apparently not it seems... I see from Spamcop reporting that aruba.it frequently appears as an ISP involved in this spammer's activity. So why doesn't anything get done? I went through a period of reporting each spam, but gave up as it took too long in view of the number I was receiving and that there was no reduction at all in the number. Is there ANYTHING I can do to stop this (other than change my email address which I do not want to do).
  4. outlawspam

    Medic Canada

    Thanks for this. What I do not understand is: (1)I have never given my email address on the internet so I would love to know how they obtained it! (2)Surely, even with their limited common sense, if after sending over 1300 emails in 2 months I have not responded, its obvious that I am not interested so why do they carry on like this? (3)Following (2), can't they see that even if a person was foolish enough to think about using the service, this constant deluge of emails would obviously deter them? In sum, rather than getting customers they are ensuring email recipients will not respond. (4)The last thing they should do is antagonise possible customers so don't they check the lists for duplication? (5)I have ignored these emails but feel disappointed that using spamcop has not, apparently, done anything to stop them. As I said earlier, this particular spammer appears to have been around for years and is a well-known nuisance - why has nothing been done? Is there anything more I can do? (6)In my opinion, the ISPs hosting the spammers' websites are contributing to the problem - isn't it possible to blacklist these to reduce their customer base? And yes, I had ANOTHER eight of these emails in the night and I've just had another eight in the last few minutes. I've never had a problem like this before with spam even though I've been using the 'net for so many years.
  5. outlawspam

    Medic Canada

    I am going nuts! I have been using the internet for nearly 20 years and I am familiar with the stupidity of spammers. However, two months ago, I began to experience a deluge of spam that I have never seen before. For two months I have been receiving AT LEAST twenty emails from some [censored], the name of which is Medic Canada. On looking for information about this [censored], on the internet it appears it has been around for a long while. The whole thing is absurd. I am hardly likely to use a service that has emailed me about 1300+ times in two months. I have given up reporting these emails on Spamcop as it takes up too much of my time and even when I have done this, they just carry on coming. Also, when Spamcop reports the spamming to the ISP providing the webspace used by the spammer, Spamcop sometimes advises the ISP does not want to receive any communications {complaints) about the spammer/webspace.This is bewildering - why on earth should any ISP adopt this attitude? (The very fact that the ISP is saying this indicates that complaints have already been made). I use a Yahoo email and these spams go straight into the Trash, but nonetheless, I strongly object to feeling as if I am under siege. Why on earth are the [censored] responsible for this stupidity allowed to continue? Yesterday, I received eight, all sent together, during the night, and then during the day, four together, then six together, then two together and then another six. This is ludicrous. Can anyone throw any light on this nuisance? Thanks