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  1. I’m actually using the spamcop webmail client. That is the client telling me it’s an invalid address. I understand its what ever software they are using, but if it can figure it out the filters should be able too. I reported the first 1000 or so messages, but gave up on that because it was slowing down my retrieval of mail and the reporting engine seemed to be hanging. This has not stopped and its averaging 1 message a minute or about 60 an hour. Any suggestions, other than creating a white list of email addresses and only allowing those?
  2. Has anyone else see this? Since friday, I have gotten hundreds and hundreds of email messages in my inbox that have the from say Invalid Address, these are all spam messages and spamcop knows the address is bad, yet spamcop is not stopping them. I cleaned out my email last night at 12am and only had about 60-75 messages, today I opened my inbox to find almost 400 messages. All but 3 of the new ones were this Invalid Address message. Whats going on? Spamcop has been so good up until now. Jonathan
  3. Its still alittle slow, but its seems to be back now. Thanks for the help, Jonathan
  4. Hello, Im not sure if this is the place to post this but I have searched the spamcop.net site and could not find a help email to send this too. When I log into my account, the system tells me my inbox is empty, if i go to any of the other mailbox's I have(Draft, sent, trash, etc) they are empty as well. What is going on? Can some one help me? If not can someone send me the email address or phone number for help at spamcop.net? Thanks in advance for everyones help Jonathan
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