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    Update 2 -System Failure

    Sorry, I didn't realize this was Wikipedia, or I would have provided screen shots. Actually, no, I would not have done so, because I do not need to prove anything to you.
  2. UltraJoe

    Update 2 -System Failure

    I'm sure glad all these armchair IT personnel are online, barking orders into the wind. Had you bothered to read the first update post, you'd see a note in there indicating that, due to various selloffs, SpamCop email and the SpamCop reporting system are TWO separate businesses, the latter run by Cisco. In the early parts of the outage, all domains ending with spamcop.net were offline. That includes both businesses at all sites! (That's assuming I remember correctly that both are hosted at separate data centers.) No matter how much redundancy you have, every system has numerous single points of failure. For example, poison the DNS entry for amazonaws.com and you'll find hundreds of sites non-functional, no matter how redundant they are. (In fact, the DNS system is redundant and distributed, which actually makes it more vulnerable!) Take down level3.net and you've isolated quite a few major ISPs, providing service for both major businesses and individuals. I've been with Spamcop email almost from day 1. Their uptime has beaten even my ISP's email servers. If that constitutes a "customer confidence crisis," then go find another reliable spam protecting & reporting service, and stop this empty threat garbage!!! I should add, by the way, THANK YOU to Jeff & crew for getting things fixed quickly, without apparent loss of email! I'm impressed!
  3. UltraJoe

    Update - System Failure etc

    Then find another email system with reliable spam reporting! Unless you can prove you have knowledge of how the email system is set up, you have no way to tell what happened! Even redundant systems go down. Even a RAID array, for example, can have a single point of failure (like a power supply). At one point, any system in the spamcop.net domain refused connections. That wasn't just CESemail's system, but Cisco's system as well! How about complaining at them?
  4. I've also noticed that some of the mail that has arrived this week has disappeared temporarily. I assume that will come back, too? UPDATE Just read Email system update #7. Duh! Never mind, it's on its way.
  5. UltraJoe

    Spamcop on Palm

    I'm in a similar situation, except through AT&T with a Treo 680. My ISP is RoadRunner, but I cannot use their SMTP server through my Palm to send with my SpamCop address; it says ultrajoe[at]spamcop.net isn't allowed to go through there. (I can send from home through it just fine, probably because it's sourced from a RR IP.
  6. It's not just you. A friend of mine and I are seeing the same thing. :angry:
  7. I'm concerned about this, too. There have been times when a user's email gets thrown into Held Mail simply because I chose to remove a full domain from my whitelist, or their email changed slightly (e.g. from my-friend[at]mail.friendlyISP.com to my-friend[at]friendlyISP.com, or even the rarer change of top-level domains), or they simply moved to another ISP. There are two big advantages to the Spamcop system over others like Earthlink: Nothing gets lost without my knowing it; I get to do something about spammers, beyond simply ignoring them. I fear greylisting removes much of that. Nonetheless, thanks for offering it, and thanks for making it optional
  8. UltraJoe

    Getting icon labels back

    Thanks, Jeff. As for the other questions, the window width was the full width of the screen; I'm running at 1024x768, at least until I can save up for a new monitor. (What can I say, I gave my wifey the 17" monitor. )
  9. When the new webmail interface was up, it didn't look right in Internet Explorer 5 for MacOS 9.x; the icons flowed across two lines, laying over top of messages, which didn't make the labels easy to read. So I turned them off. Now that we're back at the old webmail software, I'd like to have my toolbar icon labels back, but the old webmail interface doesn't have the option of turning them on or off. Help