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    SpamCop Email Service Changes

    Perhaps this will work. Thanks for the address, I searched many hours to find a contact address. I hoped that it really wasn't necessary to join a forum just to find out how to get my account deleted. (Or the better solution.) Thank you both. Richard used the more elegant solution and set the Spamcop address to forward to one of my other addresses. That took less time than writing the original request!
  2. Foolishnes

    SpamCop Email Service Changes

    And all of the "Before you post" pages give a 404 message... or the equivalent. Clearly somebody went out for beer and pizza and never returned...
  3. Foolishnes

    SpamCop Email Service Changes

    I can't log in to stop Spamcop.net from scraping my other e-mail accounts and it grabs the e-mail from my other addresses, then it drops the e-mail on the floor and washes it away. It looks like it will continue to do this until my account expires in the middle of next year. And there is absolutely no way to talk to a person about this. And when you finally break through and register here, it happily accepts your spamcop.net address to send the authorization information to... All the Unix types I met at Usenix back in '84 were smarter than that. What did they do? Switch to linux?