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  1. This is what I was referring to. Jeff J.
  2. It's not the sender's IP I'm concerned about. If I'm sitting at (or any other IP on the planet) and sending a report about using the mail server at, then I'm probably reporting myself. I guess I can see that in the scenario of a large provider, one AOL user could be sending reports about spam coming out of the same server... In any case, our listing was removed, and our abuse email address was added as an interested party, so at least I can see where the problem is if it happens again. Jeff J.
  3. Okay, so I'm a bonehead for submitting a faulty report on my own IP. BUT, what kind of a parser can't even check to see if the reports about an IP are from the same IP that's reporting? How simple is that??? Jeff J.
  4. Yes, always. But it's not unusual to see spam reports go to our upstream provider. So why would I have flagged it mentally?
  5. Yes, that is our STATIC IP. So I guess spamcop has listed us as a result of my own reporting. Just great. Jeff J.
  6. Our servers at and 85 have been blocked for the first time. Since we use SpamCop on our own server, I have had to disable it to allow our user's email to go through. Both reports (if you could call them reports) state 10 complaints or less. We (as the ISP) have never received ANY communication or emailed reports from SpamCop. We believe a 2-hour error in setup may have allowed our system to be compromised for relaying. Please advise as to how we can get the reports (if there are legitimate problems, we will respond to them) and get de-listed. Thank you. Jeff J.
  7. Because we have a system where our users can send us the things they consider spam. Besides, it's a good bet that the spam I'm receiving personally is being received by our users as well. Jeff J.
  8. Yes, I have been reviewing the material for the "Mail-Host" solution. Don't know if that will fit our situation yet. Jeff J.
  9. Okay, so what it boils down to is that the parser (your software) is buggy, and can't do a simple check to ignore a submission if it sees that it is making a report on the IP that submitted it? We have sent hundreds of reports, and have never had our servers IP's blocked. From our perspective, your parser seems to have been working fine. I really like the concept behind what you all are doing, but it seems to me that unless you make it simpler for ISP's to report, we really don't have the time to help out to that extent. It would be like you personally taking the time to review every report submitted by spamcop users. You wouldn't do it, because of the sheer volume involved. It's the same way for ISP's. Jeff J.
  10. Yes, I guess that would make sense if we were talking about an individual making spam reports. But we are an ISP, and when we choose messages to report as spam, we ARE sure we want to report them, or we wouldn't bother manually selecting them to report in the first place... Jeff J.
  11. Out of curiosity and ignorance, why is the second step even required? Can't the spamcop system just take the report and run with it? Or could that be something for paid only subscribers? Or is there some legal reason this can't be done? Jeff J.
  12. No, all reports are going to spamcop.net. I have paid for fuel. Jeff J.
  13. Okay, I can be more scientific about this issue. I have recently started sending in the spam reports again, trying to be a help to the problem by reporting (I thought). I am set up as a mole (which I now read doesn't help the blockage of spam). Keeping in mind, from what I read on the spamcop site, the mole reporting doesn't actually send reports... Started reporting again on 6/23/04. In the previous 5 days on my main email account, I averaged about 70 junk mails a day. Since starting reporting again, I have averaged 150 emails per day. Now, my question would be, if the mole setting is not supposed to send a report, why did I see an increase in junk mail that corresponds directly with the start of reporting? Is something "leaking" out that shouldn't? As a small ISP with about 100 email accounts hosted, we block over 1000 emails a day using the SpamCop DNSBL. I would certainly be willing to do what I could to help report spam, but not at the cost of creating more. Jeff J.
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