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  1. Thanks for all the great responses. That significantly helps clear up the best practices for me and my only followup question was just addressed by Farelf. Believe me, it is not out of kindness that I would ever consider backing off on sending reports to what appear to be legitimate contacts. It's more a case of effectiveness and avoiding running afoul of whatever policies exist here. Like it says in the FAQ (or somewhere else that I read), the last thing you would want to do is overwhelm ISPs' abuse departments that would otherwise be helpful in addressing problems, but due to volume shift into an "ignore" mode. ...Lance
  2. I am swimming in spam and lately it seems like when one spam comes in, I always get 2 or 3 within a minute of each other. Slightly different subject, different sender/IP address, but otherwise almost identical. I just started submitting spam reports, and as expected, for the related spams, the reports end up going to the same abuse e-mail addresses. But I was surprised that about 80% of the spams I reported went to those same two domains / abuse contacts. I haven't had any problem submitting the reports--everything is working just fine. My question is this: when I start to see 30-40 spams that end up reporting to the same domain, should I un-check the boxes so as not to send what are ultimately redundant e-mails to the abuse contacts? Or is it important for them to see that the spam is coming from several different IPs within their networks? In fact, will spamcop even recognize that an e-mail report was recently submitted to a given abuse contact and determine on its own not to send out the e-mails? Some of these reports wind up with 9 or so e-mail boxes I have to un-check to avoid sending out too many abuse e-mails and that's somewhat of a burden on my end, but I'm sensitive to the fact that I don't want to overburden legitimate abuse departments, and I understand that e-mailing illegitimate spammer networks probably won't have any effect anyway. Does unchecking all the e-mail boxes still cause the report to be tracked for purposes of blocking a given IP? What about the devnull entries...I've read the FAQs and I don't think I quite understand what their purpose is. Should I leave those checked or unchecked for the repeated spams? Thanks, ...Lance
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