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  1. I have given up on the CESMail SMTP and will give up on CESMail at the next renewal. The webmail was only marginally relevant but the SMTP made the sub worthwhile for all the reasons above. Without a resolution of the sending challenges it won't be worth continuing. But it seems CESMail hasn't been able to persuade Microsoft/Hotmail that smtp.cesmail.net isn't a source of spam. Or perhaps the flow of spam hasn't been stopped...
  2. Yes, and had a very prompt response and request for some additional data. Andrew
  3. The outgoing SMTP is being listed by AOL.UK as having a bad reputation and all messages are delayed and then bounced back after 72 hours... Example at: http://postmaster.aol.com/Reputation.php using IP (c60.cesmail.net) Andrew
  4. I don't know about the documentation but I'm using the Spamcop flat-rate Email service via IMAP everyday. Andrew
  5. I think, perhaps, you are misunderstanding comments... The Email service is IMAP. But you were asking about the SMTP server so comments should be understood relating to that part of the service. Andrew
  6. Yes, that's correct. Anything forwarded from another Email address should be delivered because the forwarding mail server will retry. Andrew
  7. I'm not completely sure what your question is but to say that grey listing doesn't do an IP check. GL simply delays delivery pending a second attempt by the relaying server. Since the vast majority of spammers do not keep attempting delivery, any mail item attempted once only is discarded as spam. Any item where a delivery attempt is retried is then passed onto your mailbox. So if the relaying IP tries a second time then it will be delivered. Once an Email address is seen as correctly delivered it is entered onto an OK list and the next message is delivered without delay. Grey listing is one part of SpamCop EMAIL where the sending Email address is the key factor rather than the IP address - just to confuse us all further. Andrew
  8. For me the solution was to stop using the PBL Andrew
  9. If your friend has changed Email address and you have no other means of contacting him/her then you've lost contact and will have to wait for him/her to contact you. Andrew
  10. I've been happily using the SMTP AUTH process for outgoing mail since shortly after it was introduced. Every so often I send myself a copy of an outgoing Email and direct it to my SpamCop Email account. Recently I enabled the pbl.spamhaus.net block list on that account and suddenly find that mail I send to myself is blocked. It was easy enough to discover that when I send a message through smtp.cesmail.net on port 587 using SMTP AUTH, the source of the Email remains at my home machine's IP even though the Spamhause FAQ says that PBL listings do not affect sending mail via legitimate "smarthost" mail servers using SMTP AUTH, as operated by all ISPs. I can overcome the issue by switching to an alternative SMTP server but I'm wondering if there is a strange config for the SC smtp machine. Anyone have any knowledge? Andrew
  11. It seems that my suggestion that Yahoo! may have changed something to cause the issue may have been on target... I wish you well resolving the problem... Andrew
  12. I don't POP my Yahoo! account but I can say that POPGATE is notoriously subject to problems when a service provider makes even small changes to their configuration. You would be better forwarding to Spamcop than using the popgate. That said, my accounts that I do have set up to be POPped are all being successfully collected at this time. Andrew
  13. In the UK the Information Commissioner handles complaints about unsolicited SMS spam as well regular Email spam from identifiable UK sources. I'm not sure whether they will accept complaints from Australia about SMS messages that originate in the UK but you can only ask. http://tinyurl.com/yra8pt Andrew
  14. Just noting Jeff's original announcement... Andrew
  15. Hi Gary! As Wazoo has explained, the receiving ISP is the one that chooses to make use of the SpamCop BL. Typically ISPs choose to block rather than filter causing the issue you describe. Looking at the failure messages you provide above I'd say your South African contact is working through an ISP who has chosen to block based on the SpamCop BL. So your colleague probably has it within his power to address the problem with his/her ISP. That said, many ISPs choose to use the SCBL because it is very responsive to spam problems and helps them reduce the load of spam flowing through their servers. This saves them money on bandwidth and Email storage. You also have the opportunity to work towards resolving the problem from your own end. You appear to be sending your Email through an ISP that, for whatever reason (could be accidental or intentional) has a flow of spam flowing through the server. You could work with an ISP that does not have such problems and your Email would flow freely. There are many such ISPs you could switch to in order to avoid the problem but still retain your current incoming Email address. Andrew
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