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  1. I have given up on the CESMail SMTP and will give up on CESMail at the next renewal. The webmail was only marginally relevant but the SMTP made the sub worthwhile for all the reasons above. Without a resolution of the sending challenges it won't be worth continuing. But it seems CESMail hasn't been able to persuade Microsoft/Hotmail that smtp.cesmail.net isn't a source of spam. Or perhaps the flow of spam hasn't been stopped...
  2. Yes, Gmail seems to be trapping mail via the CESmail outbound SMTP server today as well... Andrew
  3. Since this is most likely a temporary problem the suggestion is also a temporary solution so that you have access to your important Email. Once the DNS is restored there will be a rapid restoration of evrything you are used to. Andrew
  4. Yes, and had a very prompt response and request for some additional data. Andrew
  5. The outgoing SMTP is being listed by AOL.UK as having a bad reputation and all messages are delayed and then bounced back after 72 hours... Example at: http://postmaster.aol.com/Reputation.php using IP (c60.cesmail.net) Andrew
  6. Thanks for the clarification. I'm not sure I can help but I expect a moderator will move this thread to the Reporting area... Andrew
  7. I suspect you're talking about a Spamcop Reporting account rather than a Spamcop Email account. But since you posted in the Email support forum, the login credentials for an Email account are your full SC Email address and your SC Email password. Your SC Email login has nothing to do with other Email addresses. I guess you could also be talking about the forum login too... Perhaps you could confirm what you're referring to and then you'll get more precise answers. Andrew
  8. In these days where IP addresses are gathered by law enforcement officials after raids on purveyors of this evil trade you would be well advised to report the materials if you have clicked on a link only to discover the images. In the UK it is an offence to posses such images and that would include any that have been cached. I'd be astonished if in the USA this wasn't an FBI matter - certainly if the storage is inter-state or even international. In the UK we have CEOP (Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre) Andrew
  9. FWIW I am using FF5 and have never had the experience you describe. So although it is known it is clearly not a consistent issue. Andrew
  10. Hi! I'm wondering what progress you are expecting. You might bear in mind that your reports alone would not have much effect. The parsing process uses a complex algorithm which requires reports from more than one reporter (amongst many other things). Additionally, in order to benefit from a successful listing you need to be using the Spamcop Block List (SCBL) as part of your spam filtering regime. If you run your own mail server then you might be doing that otherwise you are at the mercy of your Email provider. Of course you'll have a wider range of spam filtering tools in place than the SCBL alone. Andrew
  11. I got an item from LinkedIn yesterday which I had never seen before nor had requested. Seemed to be a new format of Email they had introduced. I recognised this and have manually unsubscribed from that type of message but I imagine that a good number of folks will have reported without necessarily realising what the message was. When a service like LinkedIn adds a new Email and automatically adds users to receive then there is likely to be this kind of issue. Andrew
  12. The point is that the SC parser is not able to identify that this is a Gmail issue because the 10.x.x.x IP number could be any 'private' router/server anywhere in the world. So the automated process in the parser fails. That means that human intervention is needed and that's you in this case Use the Gmail spam filtering process in the Gmail web interface and that should get these messages marked as spam. Andrew
  13. I think that was understood. What was being said, albeit not clearly, was that Spamcop's main reason for being is to report the ip address of the source of the Email. That the Email body is in HTML format is not relevant to that task. All the necessary data is in the Email header. The scenario you describe may prevent the parser from identifying links within the body but since that isn't the SCBL focus of activity it really doesn't matter too much. The suggestion that you take a look at other services was that those groups ARE interested in links within the message. FWIW, a good number of reports consider the reporting of links within a message as a wasted effort. Few ISPs seem to be bothered to take action based on those reports. Andrew
  14. I think you're just lucky. Just recently I've been blessed by Chinese spam. All in Chinese scri_pt which is entirely meaningless to me but I'm selected all the same. Andrew
  15. How soon after reporting are you checking? It can take sometime before reports are filed. Andrew
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