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  1. Over the last year I've been shifting email accounts around, and just realized that in the process I lost my spamcop account and failed to renew it on time. I hadn't realized this because I hadn't been using it very much. I considered just dropping it, but I'm realizing I really would like to keep it. However, I can no longer log into the account because it's dead. I also can't sign up anew with he same account name (I assume as a security feature). Is there any way I can get my old account back? I know any mail sent to it in the interim is likely gone and that's fine. But I would like to pay and get back my old account so I can use it going forward. Thanks.
  2. As seems to happen every few months or so, it appears that Spamcop is eating all my mail again. I've stopped getting any new mail, though I know I'm getting mail (I route it to two separate places, one goes through Spamcop, the other does not -- the other route is getting mail). The standard procedure seems to be that someone watching these forums alerts someone else, the server gets kicked, and my mail starts coming again. Hopefully we can get that process started...
  3. Yup. Happening here too. This seems to happen every few months. It's really getting frustrating. I just renewed my Spamcop account too, even though I swore after the last time that I wouldn't do so again if this kept happening. I'm losing about 1 out of every 3 messages. As in the past, I assume that whenever someone at Spamcop realizes what's happened, they'll kick a server and things will come through, but I really wish they were more responsive whenever this happens.
  4. I just started getting *some* but not all of the missing mail that had been sent about 12 hours ago. Maybe someone's working through the issue?
  5. I'm definitely seeing some emails go to held mail. But a lot of email just isn't coming through -- either held or to my pop account. Kind of frustrating since some gets through and some doesn't. And a lot of the stuff not getting through is important mail. Good thing I checked my Gmail account and saw them -- because I don't usually do that.
  6. I'm missing about 33% of my email and have since yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. I have all my email set to go to two places -- one routes through Spamcop, and the other routes through Gmail. There are emails making it to Gmail that simply aren't showing up via Spamcop. The ones going into Spamcop are disappearing into the ether. They're not held. They're just not anywhere. This has happened a few times in the past, and eventually Spamcop wakes up and the emails come late. Hopefully someone over there can kick a server and get the emails delivered. I have to admit this is getting really frustrating. Spamcop used to be a lot more reliable.
  7. mmasnick

    Webmail down?

    Yeah, webmail is down... getting the same error, and also not getting any of my POP mail either...
  8. mmasnick

    disappearing messages

    Quinn, Great! Thanks. I just started receiving emails from last Wednesday that I never got. Wish there had been an easier process to get this all settled, but glad it did get settled.
  9. mmasnick

    disappearing messages

    Hmm. I don't think that's quite the point. The point is that most people *won't even know they're missing messages* because they assume that Spamcop delivers all emails (or, at least, holds them). This is a case where they've done neither. Honestly, this entire thread keeps going back to the fact that we, the PAYING CUSTOMERS, are being told to defend ourselves and prove that a problem really exists. I know you guys just want more data to answer these questions, but repeatedly, the tone and the suggestions in the email seems to be accusatory, when we're just reporting problems. I agree with the earlier poster that the reason people may not be complaining about this is that it's likely many people don't even realize they're missing emails. When Spamcop was a small operation maybe this made sense, but it's now owned by a larger company and this sort of "customer support" isn't what I would expect.
  10. mmasnick

    disappearing messages

    In the first case, the messages that were disappearing were all based on a generated scri_pt on our machine alerting me to things that were happening. That's the scri_pt he was talking about. In the second case, though, it was more random (as is what appears to be happening now). However, since JT didn't give me any additional data, I don't see how I'm supposed to give you any additional data. Can't you ask him?
  11. mmasnick

    disappearing messages

    I emailed with Jeff then, and the email I got from him was: "In fact, I've spent all evening debugging something and I've determined that this is affecting you, too. One of our commercial email servers apparently has a bug that we're exercising. It's pretty uncommon. The incoming message has to be accepted with a mixture of lines that end in just a linefeed and lines that end in carriage return / linefeed. If that happens, we'll send out the message incorrectly, but only slightly incorrectly. So, the mail works fine for everybody except if the receiving mail server is running qmail (like yours). Qmail servers reject the message and so you never get it. So, very little mail has these weird line endings and even then it works except if it's going to a qmail system. In your case, though, your scri_pt is consistently generating these, I guess. We've modified the mail flow through the system and I think you'll find that it's working again. I apologize about that. We've opened a ticket with the mail server company so hopefully they can get this fixed quickly. Jeff" That was on May 17, 2004. This happened again in October, and Jeff emailed me saying: "OK, I've found the problem. Sorry about that. I'll post the resolution shortly at http://mail.spamcop.net/news.php. However, no mail was lost and all of this should be sent to you shortly. Jeff" That was October 6, 2004. However, the news page only has more recent stuff now. So... that's about all the "data" I have... but, frankly, it seems a bit backwards for you to imply that I was lying about this considering that this is the 3rd time it's happened. I've been a Spamcop customer for many years, it seems a bit ridiculous that I have to *defend* myself every time Spamcop breaks down and doesn't deliver email.
  12. mmasnick

    disappearing messages

    I'm actually having this problem as well, now that I'm looking at it. I thought it was related to my earlier issue with false positives, but I'm seeing certain emails that are neither in held mail nor making it through to my email account. That's got nothing to do with being on the bl. These emails are simply disappearing. It's not my ISPs spam filter, because I have the emails go to two places (it goes to both Spamcop and Gmail). The messages are showing up in Gmail, but not in Spamcop or the account Spamcop forwards to. Again, it's only a few messages (but, actually important ones). I had this exact issue with Spamcop a while back and it turned out to be a configuration issue at Spamcop's end http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=1463. I'm wondering if that's what's happening again. In the meantime I'll follow the same steps Steven described above. edited 7-24-05 by dbiel to fix broken hyperlink
  13. IP in question: which just is a default for the hosting company I use (and have used for nearly a decade... they're not spammers). As mentioned, I sent them a note to figure out what's going on. My only guess is that maybe they were hosting someone who spammed. In the meantime, though, all of my email is being held, which is quite a pain, and much worse than if I just had to suffer through spam because now I have to go log in and weed through all the spam anyway, and then forward (and whitelist) everything on to my real email account. Can I whitelist my IP at least for myself until this gets sorted out?
  14. Ok... Looks like somehow the IP of my site has been included on the BL -- which obviously is a problem. I've sent a note to my hosting company to figure out what happened. As far as I can tell, since I forward all of my emails into Spamcop, Spamcop is judging all of them based on that IP... and thus blocking them all (including emails from myself). The few messages that are going through are those that I had previously whitelisted. That doesn't necessarily seem right though. Shouldn't it at least recognize that the emails originated elsewhere?
  15. Howdy... I'm a longterm spamcop customer, and hadn't noticed any problems until this morning, when all of a sudden it seemed like Spamcop has become extra aggressive. I normally find that I get about one false positive (legit email held as spam) per week. This morning alone, it's held about 20 legit non-spam messages as spam. In fact, it seems to be catching almost all of my email. That's such a big change that it seems out of the ordinary. It could just be a fluke, but figured it was worth mentioning in the forums. Any changes made recently? Or anyone else notice that Spamcop has become extra aggressive today? If it's not Spamcop is it possible that it's something I did on my end? Thanks!