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  1. Has anyone looked into a more reliable and reasonably priced service? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  2. There seems to always be a long lag time before they are able to acknowledge the problem. Once they indicate they are working on the problem the fix seems to come fairly quickly. My best suggestion is that they need to put on place some sort of better notification/alert system to get their admin's attention.
  3. It appears no email is flowing in to webmail inbox or held mail. I usually send test messages from gmail to see if any mail is flowing. I reported the same type problem twice in July. They did resolve this quickly and reported it on the news page when signing in to webmail: " Jul 18, 2013 [21:30 EDT] We found and fixed a problem that was causing delayed mail delivery for a small number of users. " It looks like a similar failure has occurred again.
  4. What is the fastest and preferred method of reporting problems? i searched the faq's for support topics and did not find any. Above are you suggesting we send an email to report problems to: support ~~at~~.... ? Thanks
  5. No mail is coming in, tested with gmail etc... Edit by SteveT: merged this content from "spam cop down? 09:45 am EDT July 18, 2013" -- no need for two topics on essentially the same subject.
  6. Please check if the mail service stopped working. I have received no emails and sent several tests via gmail to my inbound/downstream accounts. Nothing has come through. Thanks
  7. No email is coming through spamcop as far as I can tell. I test with my yahoo account and no bounced messages or warnings came back from the servers.
  8. Is there a phone number to call to report this issue? I am getting the same error and no emails are coming in. A fatal error has occurred Could not connect to database for SQL SessionHandler. Details have been logged for the administrator.
  9. I have tried to delete the Trash folder via the "Folder Navigator" and here is the result: The folder 'Trash' was not deleted. This is what the server said: Cannot delete this folder. Any other ideas? Thanks, Gringo
  10. Hi, I have a trashed Trash folder. It will not open, allow maintenance or connect to IMAP. Can you fix please? My id is info2 *at* spamcop.net Thanks, Gringo
  11. Success - It was crashing - instantly - no timeout period wait. However I just deleted the Held mail folder - and the system must have recreated it automatically. In the last 10 minutes - I now have 301 in held mail .... Thanks for your advice. Gringo
  12. Sorry - I didn't get the exact terminology - "delete all" is really 'empty folder'
  13. Yes, I have read most of the FAQ's. I failed to mention - If I try the (very slow) "folder" function, expand all then then select "delete all" - it crashes when I attempt this on the HELD Mail. I works fine on the other (empty) Trash or Sent mail folders.
  14. These seems to be something lacking in the ability to clean large amounts of held mail. We were trapping about 50,000/month and this was very difficult to keep the help mail emptied. We have now trapped 90,000+ in the past two-three weeks and the system has no user settings to handle/dispose of held mail automatically. Am I missing something in my setup? (As a side note, our held mail has grown significantly since we started reporting spams...) Even if I used a setting to display 500 messages per page, select-all, then delete-all this takes hours to do manually. It now does not work at all because the webmail interface cannot open held mail. Can you add a feature to delete held mail older than nnn days old? Please expunge these for me. My address is info2<at>spamcop.net Thanks Gringo
  15. You might be able to delete 13000 if you setup an IMAP connection to your account. I was able to delete 32000+ manually in my held folder using this technique. I also did it over the weekend at off-peak times, very early saturday and sunday morning. I had over 250,000 in my trash which, unfortunately, I could not do manually with IMAP... I guess weekends aren't long enough ;-) Gringo
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