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  1. I work for a PR agency in Maine. We use Bacon's Media Source to generate media lists, which I target as closely as possible, and then I e-mail press releases for our clients to reporters and editors. More and more of our messages are getting blocked. I do not understand why we are being classified as spam when most reporters PREFER that we send our releases to them via e-mail! Is there any way we can register on something to prevent this from happening? ------------------------ Also, last week a co-worker sent an e-mail to a company that employs spambot. Up until Friday, she was able to send without any problems. On Monday, however, we received a notification we had been blocked. This was not a press release - just an individual e-mail. Why did that take place? Any help would be appreciated. -J
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    Our PR Agency is getting blocked...why?

    Hello, It's been a while since I've been on here. I misunderstood how this forum worked, and when I didn't receive any responses initially I thought I had done something wrong. Below is the press release that I submitted on May 18, 2004. Hopefully this will help clarify what my problem was. Aslo, if there is a way to have responses to this forum e-mailed to me directly, could someone tell me how? My e-mail is jgarland[at]marshallpr.com. I'd like to thank everyone for their responses. -J <Press Release deleted by Wazoo. Rather than read and respond to all the previous responses, this user decided to make another announcement and repeat the advertising stuff that allegedly started the blockage situation. One could call it spamming this Forum, as by providing the entire announcement without adding any actual data to take "us" back to the original issue, there appears to have been no other excuse other than to take another shot at "getting the word out" ... There are better ways and places to advertise.>