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    SpamCop Email Service Changes

    > Bit vague about them turning filtering off? Yep, I even got a deputy to admit it, seems some people wanted all the spam so they could report it. My email provider won't filter it 'cuz it's from a trusted source (Spamcop - although why someone would trust a spam-forwarding service is beyond me) Deputy said to try forwarding to 'blank' again, and so far I haven't received any more. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. AnnoyedWithSpamcop

    SpamCop Email Service Changes

    of course, I used the at symbol - not [at] ;-)
  3. AnnoyedWithSpamcop

    SpamCop Email Service Changes

    Thanks, Dave_L ... but when I try I see this: Sending confirmation to nobody[at]example.com I doubt that 'nobody' is going to confirm. :-(
  4. AnnoyedWithSpamcop

    SpamCop Email Service Changes

    So ... as everyone knows, Spamcop stopped their email support. They were nice enough to provide one year's forwarding. That year has expired, but they haven't stopped forwarding, instead they've stopped FILTERING. As a result, I am now getting a dozen spams a day - forwarded from spamcop. There doesn't appear to be a way to turn off forwarding. I found the submission form to change where it's forwarded to, but leaving the field blank doesn't appear to stop the darned spam. If anyone knows how to stop the spam, please let me know!