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  1. I'd like to be able to reset my average reporting time statistics. I switched to quick reporting, and the tens of thousands of spams I reported over the years make it impossible for me see how I'm doing now.
  2. kwdavids

    Reporting bigger spams

    I think that back before I read about the 50K limit, I was submitting maybe 60 at a clip, and some of them were just going away. Now I'm getting good results submitting 10 spams at a time while ignoring the size. Maybe some combination of really large spams will get lost, but the labor saved by ignoring the size allows me to submit many more spams overall and the net result is more spams reported.
  3. kwdavids

    Reporting bigger spams

    A lot of days, I submit 100 spams and sometimes approach 1000. Efficiency is important. I tried a single quick submission containing a 61k and a 72k spam. Reports were generated for both.
  4. kwdavids

    Reporting bigger spams

    I have some spams a little over 50K in size. It's tedious adding up the sizes of spams when submitting multiples by email, so that the 50K limit is not passed. In a list of 10 spams, I'm likely to have 3 in a row with a size of 19K. The 6 spams that came in while I'm typing this total 72K. I'm requesting that the maximum size of email spam submission be increased to 100K. That way I could report 10 spams at a time and reasonably expect that I don't go over the limit. I wouldn't have to add these up, and there would be fewer steps to get everything reported. Thanks for your consideration,
  5. kwdavids

    IBM a spammer?

    I was trying to decide whether I should give the SpamCop blacklist more weight in our spam decisions, so I ran a search of my archived mail to see if any legit mails had been marked as being on the SpamCop blacklist. One from the IBM Partnerworld for Development newsletter popped up. A check with SpamCop disclosed that (isource.ibm.com) was on the blacklist. This leads me to wonder if any large mailer, no matter how careful, will eventually end up on the SpamCop blacklist because of the small percentage of errors by reporters?
  6. kwdavids

    Spam vs the Right to Communicate

    SpamCop is not blocking the message. It doesn't sit between clients and servers. SpamCop doesn't handle, block or forward messages. It's just a database service. In fact, SpamCop knows nothing about your message. Your ISP is only receiving information about known spammers from SpamCop and your ISP decides to block your message based on this information and not tell you. Since SpamCop never sees your message, there is no way they could notify you about anything. My ISP also uses SpamCop, but only as one factor in a much larger decision process about what is and what is not spam. Plus they give me the option both to whitelist senders, or to turn off the filtering altogether. I would certainly criticize a service provider that blocks email, and gives you no option to opt out. You might criticize SpamCop if it proved inaccurate in the information it provides. However, you can't criticize them for blocking your emails, because they don't.
  7. Starting the evening of January 28, many of the spam reports I sent to SpamCop haven't appeared on the web site for reporting. No reports made it from the evening of January 28 until the morning of February 2. On Feb 2, I sent email reports 17 times, and 4 made it. Since then, some make it and some not. A communication with a SpamCop admin indicates that SpamCop has no record of receiving the reports. If this were just happening on one computer, I'd be looking there, but I'm getting the same behavior at home and at work, where I use two totally different ISP's on different computers. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kevin
  8. kwdavids

    Should I report all Spam?

    Reporting all the spam would provide a benefit for those who don't use SpamCop filtering, but I don't see how anybody could justify the time needed to report 980 spams a day.
  9. kwdavids

    why is listed? need help

    I certainly think that there should be no automated virus notifications. We've been peppered with virus rejection emails based on forged header information for the last week or so. But for each of these we have to check to make sure that someone in the company hasn't been bitten by MyDoom or whatever. Unless a mail server can verify that the sender of the message is legitimate, it has no business sending an automated reply.