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  1. How many replies to this forum state: "I don't know if I'm receiving spam from optin or Scott Richter..." So, you're going to hop on the Anti spam Bandwagon without proof that you have a legitimate reason to be on board? Email is like television...yeah, I don't want to see all the advertisements, yet they run them anyway...I have a choice...I can turn off the TV, leave the room, whatever...I don't sue the station, I don't file complaints about the commercials I don't like or didn't want to see...I just deal with it. Doesn't this country have more important things to worry about than having to hit the delete button a few extra times? People overseas are being be-headed with dull knives, the presidential election is coming up, unemployment is soaring... I bought a spam filter and started focusing my energy on subjects with more merit than a few unwanted emails.
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