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  1. Hi, Since about 2 months I get my own network in Reporting to: field Same as I were sending the email myself instead of receiving it. Checking the email headers, i can see how my email system is indeed receiving the email from a foreign system, but spam cop does not like the "By: my domain.it" clause Received: from mail-5-47.rch003.net (mail-5-47.rch003.net []) by (xxxx.it) with SMTP id 70.95.31478.FA60CF65; Wed, 30 Mar 2016 19:02:40 +0200 (CEST) From: IMS Auctions <reply[at]industrymarketingsolutions.com> To: Micxxxxx spam cop identifies originating network as my own network (based on my MX ip address) while the sender ip is shown in the above headers. This happens for all the spam email i send to spamcop since about 3 months. Only change that happened our side is updating the MX operating system (Symantec Brightmail v 10.x) Spamcop is missing support options, free, paid or whatever. any help in understanding the issue would be appreciated. TIA Mic