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  1. Hi, I know... this is no APEWS forum, they abuse it by referring people here. I also read the What to do if you're on APEWS article. Anyway this should be documented somewhere. Please ignore this post if you don't care about APEWS. APEWS entry E-1718287 is outdated: Entry matching your Query: E-1718287 CASE: C-131 Unallocated CIDR, no traffic until allocated, or allocated to bad reputation provider or allocated but dynamic / generically named IPs, or bogons, see www.cidr-report.org, or orphaned IP / CIDR in routing table History: Entry created 2014-08-18 The entry now also covers lots of different provider allocations: inetnum: - netname: NL-NETWORKCONCEPTS-20120921 inetnum: - netname: RU-REDCOM-20120321 inetnum: - netname: DE-EGENTIC-20120921 inetnum: - netname: AM-IUNETWORKS-20140702 Each of these providers might or might not be worth an APEWS listing, but at least they should be handled independently.
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