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    url not a routable address

    Thanks for all the replies. I will continue reporting these. I guess we can close this thread.
  2. littlepeaks

    url not a routable address

    Well, the problem is that I have been receiving these type of messages for years, and spamcop is never able to resolve the URLs. I got another one today: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6499274229za4b46e3376d7b766de19aa51dc4f3236z So, I feel that reporting these is just a waste of time (of course it does figure out who hosts the email).
  3. littlepeaks

    url not a routable address

    SpamCop v 4.9.0 © 2018 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Here is your TRACKING URL - it may be saved for future reference: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6498770782z7d3b0b73629de529910ad0975ab63328z
  4. littlepeaks

    url not a routable address

    Tracking URL: https://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=gettrack&reportid=6874497880 I was referring to the URL posted above, not the IP source of the email. I use SeaMonkey (one of the Mozilla family of browsers -- does both email and web browsing. I don't think the problem is the way SpamCop parses it -- the problem is that the SpamCop can't find any info about the URL, but somehow, if you click on the URL, it goes somewhere (no I'm not going to click on it). It is not a normal URL.
  5. I keep getting this spam every so often -- think they view my Facebook posts (which are few) to see who my friends are, and send me stuff that looks like they are from my friends. When I report the spam through Spamcop, it finds the originating email provider, but always says the URL in the message is not a routable address. One time a few years ago, I accidentally clicked on the address, and it actually redirected to a Russian (I think) advertising site. I set up my old PC with Linux Mint and put the Torr browser on it, to see where these spam/scam sites go anyway, and that can't route the addresses either. So how is it that Windows can redirect to these addresses. I just got one that said: I hope all is well. Just thought you may want to have a look at this http://www.rbk.bxdgei.host/***my_name*** So what's the story on this? TIA
  6. littlepeaks

    Nonrouteable websites

    I often receive emails with non-routeable websites such as below (I think they are getting my info off Facebook for these, since they sometimes reference friends I never contact): If these websites are non-routeable, how is it that I once accidentally clicked on a link, and it went to a website? (I think it went to some site selling furs from Russia)
  7. littlepeaks

    comcast as an isp reporting problems

    Well, I did the mailhosts setup, as instructed for my Comcast account, and it seems to have worked. I tried to report a spam before doing it, and it said it was attributable to Comcast. After I did the mailhosts setup, it reported it to some domain in Denmark. If I decide to also report for the GoDaddy account, I will add that before I do something I don't want to do. Thanks.
  8. littlepeaks

    comcast as an isp reporting problems

    Thanks for the info -- I briefly read it, and I'm a little bit confused about multiple accounts. I recently also acquired another email account hosted by GoDaddy insteaed of Comcast. I download those messages directly from GoDaddy using Outlook, instead of SeaMonkey. I have not yet tried reporting spam from the GoDaddy account. So is this a fly in the ointment?
  9. I have Comcast as my ISP. Almost every email I receive shows the originating ISP as Comcast. This is not correct. I tried letting Spamcop parse legitimate messages originating from other ISP networks, and it still wants to report them to Comcast as the originator. I always deselect Comcast in reports. Any help? BTW. I use SeaMonkey for email.
  10. Yesterday, I received two scams (on how to receive my $5,000,000). I tried to report these, and spamcop rejected them because there was no body. Believe it or not, the spammer put the entire message (which was kind of long) in the subject field. And there was no body. Anyway to report stuff like this in the future?