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  1. Thank you!! Will give that a try. Appreciate the guidance:-))
  2. Hmmmmmm . . . . a. Yes, have already visited Report Handling Options --- nothing there to further fine tune (for my purposes). b. No, was not aware of 'quick.spamcode@spam.spamcop.net' Using this 'quick' option would be attractive were it not for the fact that (and I'm slightly guessing at this point) 95% of my spam has faked senders "in the header" . . . and, therefore, were it to be employed, would prove totally ineffective (well, not totally --- there's that 5%). The preference would be for a speedier procedure whereby after approving each spam (as now) one could then, in effect, having parked them all into a "cart" (much like when purchasing items from, say, eBay) hit a Bulk Send spam Reports Now button. :--)))
  3. Thanks, LK . . . apologies . . .I should have been clearer with my original post --- I already have employed the use of that to which you refer and am now past that stage and, as a direct result of filing the requisite info with Spamcop am now at that point of receiving numerous emails from SpamCop (numerous - because there were over 200 spam emails in the today's batches submitted to SpamCop) alerting me to the fact that : "[SpamCop] has accepted 12 emails for processing" (each incoming SpamCop email lists approx "12" ready for processing) So, LK, we are at the stage where, procedurally, I am now Logged In to SpamCop and preparing to check and verify [as being spam] each of those 200 individual spam emails . . . and, then, once satisfied, will proceed to hit the "Send spam Reports(s) Now" button . . . repeating THAT same process over and over for every single one of the 200+ spam emails that I wish to 'report'. It's a procedure I have been repeating for nigh on 15 years . . . day in and day out. The routine seemingly never-ends when there are hundreds daily to deal with . . . it has become tedious work. . . frustrating . . . . time-consuming (today well over an hour). Today -- rather than give the whole thing up and say 'To hell with it all!" -- I was prompted to enquire whether SpamCop might already have introduced such a "Bulk Send spam Report(s) Now!" facility. . . a facility that would enable one (after the mandatory check and validate demanded of a SpamCop subscriber) to then hit a Bulk Send spam Report(s) Now link button. I have searched as much as SpamCop permits of their website for a solution - but none appears to exist . . . hence my last ditch appearance / appeal within the pages of this forum. Obviously there is some reason why a Bulk Send spam Report(s) Now submission facility is not available . . . and, if I am not mistaken in my assumption that no such facility presently exist, I would be most interested to learn of the reason(s). Thank you, LK, for the courtesy extended in taking time to respond to my initial post :-))
  4. is there a Bulk spam Reporting facility on SpamCop? . . .Individually processing 200-300 SpamCop items per day is becoming laborious and kinda frustrating - Thanks for any help that may be forthcoming.
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