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  1. When using Google Chrome to view webmail, in the Held Mail folder, if I click a spam item's box on the left, then choose "Report spam," it directs me back to the Inbox and tells me the item has been reported and deleted (in Firefox, it leaves me in the Held Mail folder). However, when I go back to the Held Mail folder, the item is still present. Is anyone else having a problem reporting held mail using webmail in Google Chrome, and does anyone have a fix? (I remember this happening once before with Firefox, and it took an FF upgrade to fix...)
  2. According to my records, I should be due for an account renewal, but I haven't gotten a notice. Is there somewhere I can check the status of my account?
  3. Since the mailserver at mail.spamcop.net is down, that link fails. (It'll come up, but you can't submit from it because the POST page can't link to the server.)
  4. First thing I did. In fact, I hardtyped it. Then I logged in through www.spamcop.net and clicked over with the webmail link at the top. However, by the time I got to the office, it seems to have resolved itself. (I use GoToMyPC, so I even checked to see if it was a problem on my home box. Closing Firefox and restarting it seems to have fixed the glitch.)
  5. There's nothing on the News page, but I can't access the Webmail site - my browser just keeps loading and loading without ever actually bringing up the page. I can POP my mail, and I can get to mobile.spamcop.net, but webmail.spamcop.net just keeps cycling...
  6. Moderator Edit: Posted into SpamCop Flat-Rate Email Account Setup This forum is for discussing setting up a new SpamCop Email account. Here, you can find specific information on setting up an email account for various ISP's and email programs. However, the Post content doesn't match thus description, so moved back into the main E-mail DSystem and Accounts Forum section. I use IMAP from my iPhone; at home, I use a POP client. If I move something to the Trash folder in IMAP, it appears with a line through it on the webmail client, and it still downloads when I POP with Thunderbird. Is there a way to completely delete the message from my iPhone client, or at least get it completely out of my Inbox, so it doesn't get POPped? If I have to move it to a "dead mail" folder, is there a way to automatically delete the contents of that folder on a daily/weekly basis, or will I have to do it manually?
  7. I noticed recently that when I click the Held Mail tab, if there's anything in the folder, it plays a chiming noise - which I HATE. Also, on my office machine, I do not have QuickTime, so I get an error on that page. I can't find any way to turn it off... Any suggestions?
  8. Is webmail.spamcop.net down? I'm getting a blank page when I try to access it; and have been for the last several hours.
  9. This morning I noted that emails I forwarded to my submit.XXXX[at]spamcop.net address were being reported to 'routes1[at]routes.spamcop.net' and to no other addresses. What is that about?
  10. My email software (PocoMail) is set not to leave copies of mail on the server when it downloads. Something crashed this morning, and all the mail I downloaded (only about 12 items, but all very important) is missing. Is there a way to reconstruct the missing messages on the server so I can download them again?
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