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  1. Any plans to support UTF-8 encoded mail display for webmail users?
  2. Over the past two days, I've been getting lots of undelivered mail messages. I've set up filters to delete them imediately, but there seem to be more and more coming. I know I didn't send anything to these addresses, and although I haven't looked, I suspect that the contents of the returned mail are actually spam messages using this to get around the filters. This morning, several hundred were deleted. I have changed my login password as a precaution just in case my account had been compromised. Has anyone else experienced this? What should I do? Anna
  3. Gee, why don't you mention that to all of the websites that design with IE only in mind. I get fed up with those quickly, since I prefer to use Mozilla. What really needs to be done is to design websites to the established standard. If certain browsers can't keep up, then that's their problem.
  4. Yesterday I finally got fed up with this intermittant problem of clicking on a message in one folder (or trying to delete it) and getting re-directed to the previously visited folder and given an error message. I checked the discussion board and found a suggestion from someone that it had to do with calling up cached pages rather than live pages, so I tested this theory by setting my browser cache to 0 KB and clearing out what was there. Sure enough, everything went smoothly for a while, and then there was the error again. Are there any plans by SpamCop to correct this problem soon? Does anyone have any other suggestions of things I could do to keep this from happening? Any help would be appreciated. I really like the webmail interface and having web-based email fits my lifestyle very well. I don't want to switch to some other service -- I just want SC webmail to work like it's supposed to.
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