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  1. OK, now what do I do? I've not received any notifications that my spamcop email address will expire on Aug 2nd? I did tonight renew it, but I would like to make sure that it is set up in such a way that I can get the notifications etc. How do I "ask JT"? Thanks.
  2. I'm sorry, I should spend some time getting to learn how to use these forums properly, but it is late, I've been searching for a lot of things and now I just need to ask a few questions. The post quoted was very useful in answering my questions, but I have one additional question. What account does the renewal notice go to? Can I change that account? I'm using a spamcop email account to filter email for a relative and I need to receive the renewal notice, not the relative. Thanks. Mike
  3. I have Google's pop-up blocker active and I do indeed have my browser's settings rather restrictive. I know Google is not blocking because they change the cursor briefly when blocking a pop-up, so I'll look into the browser settings. Thanks.
  4. On the mail mail page (inbox view) (http://webmail.spamcop.net/horde/imp/mailbox.php?mailbox=INBOX&no_newmail_popup=1), there is a row reading "Delete | Forward | Report as spam " All of those are hypertext and I believe should operate on the mail items whose checkboxes have been marked. At least, It works that way for "Delete" and "Report as spam", but I cannot use the "Forward" link to forward a bunch of selected email at the same time. It would also be rather nice to have a "Redirect" button there. Thanks Mike B
  5. Thanks to all that pitched in on this thread to help. Much appreciated. I followed the link posted by dbiel and after a few timeouts managed to get in and change my address on the indicated page. After that things went a bit fuzzy and I will admit to not having a clear timeline of events, but I received a confirmation email at the new email address. When clicking on the confirm link, I had trouble logging in until I logged into the webmail interface. Three failed logins and a 404 "Not authorized" page with a link took me to the webmail i/f. I then decided to reset my email account on the page that this thread links to as I was a bit concerned that my SC id was tied to the email address. When I got to the page, my email address was unchanged. It may be that because of the logon failures I never managed to confirm my email change, but after having failed to login with either the new or the old email address, I decided not to mess with things and to leave things as they are. I'll stop trying to attempt to change my "registered" address, it seems too closely interwoven with my SC identity to allow for easy change. Thanks again to all. Oh, and Wazoo, the reason I wanted to change it was not for fear of exposure, more for convenience in receiving the email in a different location. But, I think, my questions have been answered and I'm not going to mess with it anymore. Along the lines of superstition that says if it ain't broken, messing with it is sure to break it. Adios.
  6. So many responses, I'm frankly overwhelmed. But let me try and address all the questions and statements made here. I thought that thread went nowhere really fast. Only your initial post had a question mark in it, hence I did not perceive that you and Miss Betsy were really talking about my problem. As to where my registered address was publicized - nowhere. What I understood is that SC uses my registered address to talk to me or to forward me responses from submitted reports. My question is that when I was a user of SpamCop's reporting service, I could specify what that address was. Now that I'm a user of their email service, I don't get to choose as far as I can tell. As for the stuff under preferences, I don't see an easy click there to set it - not if I'm a SC email user. And I've just checked again, I can send an additional report somewhere, but I can't specify where responses should go. I don't know how to certify to you that I have read through numerous FAQs etc. and that I'm asking because I can't find it. So, if the answer on whether filtering works on mail passed through, please show me up and post the URL here. I'll learn my lesson and crawl back in the hole I came from. You understood me perfectly, my apologies, you did have better terminology than I initially used. I only asked the question and mentioned "mailhosts" as that is where I saw the mention of my "registered address"> Refer to the quote above from the SpamCop website. But I think as you typed you looked it up and saw what I was referring to. Thanks, I think you confirmed my understanding of the filters. In another account that I used to attempt mail filtering, that was how it worked. I ended up filtering the mail, and the last filter then forwarded all my mail. Unfortunately, that ISP did not apply spam filters to mail that was not directed to an inbox on their mailserver, so if one forwarded mail, no spam filtering. Thanks I want to receive spam responses and mail from SC and all other things that originate from SC to go to a place I specify, not a place SC determine. That email stream has very specific usages, and if additional mail goes to it as a result of my reporting spam, I will not report spam. Putting that another way, I'd like to be a contributing citizen of SC and report mail, but not if it is to the detriment of a very important email stream No, I have not checked to receive auto responses from abuse desks.
  7. Hi, I guess I initially asked this in the wrong forum, so I didn't get the response I was looking for. I use spamcop in the following manner: < spam infested email address> forwards to <secret id [at] cesmail.net> forwards to <even more secret id [at] another ISP> Now I understand that if I report spam, then all potential responses will be directed to: <secret id [at] cesmail.net> and onward. For reasons beyond the scope of this discussion, is it possible to set something up so that my "registered address" with spamcop is NOT <secret id [at] cesmail.net>, but another email address that belongs to me? Alternatively, using forwarding as outlined above, can I filter my mail so that I can filter out emails sent to me as a result of spam reports? Thanks
  8. In the mailhosts registration system (http://mailsc.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=mhconf&authcode=*munged*) reference is made to my "registered address". That address is my spamcop email address that I want to keep private and where I don't want to receive any email nor have that address propagated anywhere. Is it possible to have my registered email address changed? If so, how? Is it also the address that is used in spam reporting? Then I really, really want to change it! Thanks Mike B
  9. It looks as if the parsing is OK. Spamcop seem to not find the links in the message body though.
  10. I seem to have a bit of trouble with mailhosts. I registered my e-mail addresses, but when I tried to report a piece of spam (http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z569805090zccaacfe9b2ec9748d49933b9d7cbed74z), it seems mailhost does not know about all the routers/servers (my terminology is as clear as my understanding of the process) that my ISP can use. Now spamcop thinks first "received" header is a forgery when in fact it is not. How do I proceed? Thanks
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