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  1. Okay thanks David T. They weren't sure if they could. I'll have them look into that right away. Any hits .. or maybea link to how to configure that? Thanks a bunch.
  2. I am not a customer of SpamCop but a client of mine is. My email is hosted on a shared machine and because of this if someone else sends out spam we get blocked for it. We use to be with a different hosting company that this happened with quite often and then we switched over to a new hosting company a year ago and have only had this happen once; this week. It started blocking monday and is still blocking. My question is, is there a way for a customer of SpamCop to make certain addresses never get blocked by them? (So the IP that is giving issues would still be blocked by all your other customers but this one person could have spamcop always let a certain email address always come in.) Thanks, David
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